Are you an...embarrassing dad?

1. Your only daughter is about to go on her first date. How do you react?

A By taking the lothario in question out into the back garden for some shotgun practice while your little darling finishes getting ready. It's best he knows before he goes breaking her heart exactly what kind of daddy he is dealing with.

B Invite the young man in for a beer before the date in question. You're a cool dad after all and this will be the ideal way to check your daughter's escort is a suitable one. Now, if only that annoying twitch under your eye would stop every time you start thinking about them alone together.

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C By handing over 20 quid and telling your daughter to enjoy herself. She has her head screwed on, after all, and you are looking forward to some well-earned peace and quiet.

2. It's a family wedding and the music starts up. Do you?

A Make sure you are the first to hit the dancefloor with a range of moves that haven't been seen since the 1960s. You could show these young ones a thing or too. Do they have any Black Lace?

B Ask your lovely wife for a dance. OK, so your children might be cringing as you do the samba in time to Beyonce's Single Ladies but it isn't always about them.

C Sit this one out. Dancing is a young man's game don't you know.

3. Your son has some friends over. How do you proceed?

A By asking your wife where his baby photos are. His friends will be sure to want to see the ones of your little soldier having his first bath.

B His friends are your friends, or so you like to think. If only they'd let you join in a bit more. In reality, it will be another night by the TV while they have all the fun on the Playstation upstairs.

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C Book a night out with your wife, making sure to be back before 2am so the little blighters can't completely trash the place.

How did you do?

Mostly As - The phrase embarrassing dad could have been made for you. Have you no shame?

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Mostly Bs - You try your best to be a cool dad, but sometimes you just need to let your inner freak flag fly.

Mostly Cs - You are so laid back you are practically horizontal. Are you for real?

• This article was first published in Scotland on Sunday on 20 June.