Film reviews: Round-up

God Bless America (18) ***

God Bless America (18)


Fed up with America’s lack of manners, a middle-class divorcee (Joel Murray) teams up with an equally bilious teenager (Tara Lynne Barr) to mete out violent justice on the cruel and selfish. The righteous indignation strikes a chord but the targets are too easy.

Cameo, Edinburgh, Wednesday

The Women On The 6th Floor (12A)


Featherweight French comedy about a stockbroker kicked out of his house and forced to move in with six maids who live in a building he owns.

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Filmhouse, Edinburgh, tomorrow until 12 July; Glasgow Film Theatre, Friday to 19 July

Katy Perry: Part Of Me (PG)


Part concert movie, part backstage documentary and largely dodging the issue of her divorce from Russell Brand, Perry emerges here as a hardworking singer of candyfloss tunes – but it’s her granny who steals the show.

On general release

Ice Age 4: Continental Drift (U)


Further adventures of the sloth, sabre-toothed tiger and mammoth are fine if you’re young and undemanding, but even the most Neanderthal adult must be praying for an end to the prehistoric gags.

On general release

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