Steven Grant is the comedic relief we certainly need in the increasingly dark TV show that Moon Knight is.

Moon Knight: 8 of Steven's funniest moments from up to Moon Knight Episode 5 ahead of Marvel season finale

Warning: Spoilers ahead for the first five episodes of Moon Knight.

Marvel's Moon Knight started out fairly light, gradually getting darker and darker in tone before diving deep into Marc Spector’s trauma in the last episode. For such heavy content, audiences need some comedic relief – and that comes in the form of Steven Grant in Moon Knight.

From the faux British accent to the utter confusion at almost any situation he finds himself in, Steven is a heartwarming and endearing character that fans instantly loved. The sunshine to Marc’s gruff and often violent behaviour, his moments of humour perfectly balance out the show.

As you might expect, the opportunities for comedy tend to tail off throughout the show. Nonetheless, there are still plenty to enjoy.

Here are eight of Steven’s funniest moments – some intentionally so, others perhaps not.

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