Where was The Pact filmed? Filming locations for new BBC TV drama series - including Cardiff and Pontypool

The crime thriller features a host of breathtaking shots of the lush Welsh landscape throughout the series

The Pact is set to reach its jaw dropping conclusion on Tuesday (1 June) night on BBC One, as the police look to draw nearer to catching Nancy and her friends.

The BBC crime series was shot in various locations across Wales, and viewers have remarked about the breathtaking landscapes seen in the show over the last two weeks.

This is all you need about where The Pact was filmed.

Episode one of The Pact airs on BBC One on Monday 17 May at 9pm (C) Little Door (The Pact) - Photographer: Warren Orchard

Where is The Pact filmed?

The series was filmed across various locations in Wales, including the capital city Cardiff, Merthyr Tydfil and Pontypool.

The locations have allowed for some breathtaking shots of the lush Welsh landscape to appear in the show.

The Evans Brewery, the workplace of characters Anna, Nancy, Louie, Cat, and Tish, was shot at the Rhymney Brewery in Pontypool. The brewery is open to visitors and is still producing ale in the Welsh Valleys. Real life Head Brewer, Tim, also managed to get featured in the series.

The series was filmed across various locations in Wales (C) Little Door (The Pact) Ltd - Photographer: Warren Orchard

Speaking to Wales Online, Scot actor Laura Fraser who plays Anna, described some of the filming locations as “stunning”.

She said: “We got to see some of the Welsh scenery in places around Merthyr Tydfil. We filmed in two different woods, which were stunning and then most of the other locations were in the studio.”

“We did get to see the countryside but unfortunately not as much as I wanted to. It's absolutely beautiful and to me, parts of it look very much like Scotland,” she explained.

Julie Hesmondhalgh, who plays Nancy, took full advantage of the locations and cycled through much of her time on set.

“We filmed in some completely beautiful place,” she said. “The woods at Pontsticill are where a lot of the action takes place and you'll see that beautiful landscape in all climates. As did we! It's a stunning place.”

When is The Pact set?

The Pact is set in the present day in Wales.

Writer and creator of the series, Pete McTighe (Doctor Who, Discovery of the Witches), said it was important to him and the other creatives who wrote the series that it was based in a “progressive world, with well-rounded characters who aren’t defined by their gender, race, class or sexuality”.

The show also aims to provide viewers with a sense of escapism from the realities of the Covid-19 crisis, but has chosen not to ignore the past year completely.

Therefore, the series is set in a post-vaccination society where the stresses of the pandemic are still felt but the imminent threat of infection is not present.

McTighe said the pandemic “has cast a psychological shadow that informs some of their [the characters] behaviour and decisions.”

The show was filmed in Wales throughout the autumn and winter of 2020, with cast and crew working under strict safety protocols”.

When is The Pact on TV?

Episode one of The Pact airs on BBC One on Monday 17 May at 9pm.

The subsequent five episodes will air weekly, on Sundays at 9pm. Viewers can also catch up on demand, on the BBC iPlayer.

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