Small screen movies

Andrea Mullaney

The Darjeeling Ltd

Today, Film4, 9pm


A sentimental American indie comedy, very much in director Wes Anderson's usual style, starring the unlikely combination of Owen Wilson, Adrien Brody and Jason Schwartzman as three estranged brothers on an Indian road trip. They're more interested in rehashing old grudges than on exploring the scenery, though a series of accidents brings them together. Meandering, quirky, whimsical, this may be an acquired taste.

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Dane Cook plays a supermarket worker competing with a boorish rival for the affections of Jessica Simpson.

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Tomorrow, BBC2, 6:05pm

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Juliette Binoche helps repressed French village folk rediscover their va-va-voom, in this adaptation of Joanne Harris' novel.

Gentleman's Agreement hhh

Thursday, Film4, 2:40pm

Once controversial post-war drama about anti-semitism, with Gregory Peck as a journalist who goes undercover as a Jew to find shocking examples of bigotry.