Video: Marvel at Scotland's most beautiful castles

Each of the hundreds of unique castles dotted around the Scottish landscape is stunning in its own right, but there are a few that set themselves apart.

If the mere mention of Scottish castles conjures images of disintegrating turrets and delapidated bridges crumbling into overgrown moats, you’d be half right.

Many a former stately home has falling into disrepair and has been saved from the depths obscurity by becoming sites of historical significance, but far from all of them.

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Some entries on our list of stunning Scottish castles have either been maintained or rennovated to reflect their former glory.

The stunning Culzean Castle. Picture: TSPLThe stunning Culzean Castle. Picture: TSPL
The stunning Culzean Castle. Picture: TSPL
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From Culzean Castle sitting atop a stunning coastal cliff overlooking Arran and Bute, to the broody rolling hills and storm-black waves surrounding Duart Castle - no two landscapes are the same.

For some it’s the magnificent gardens, or the wider scene of its place in the landscape that make these incredible monuments all the more regal.

Up close, Eilean Donan Castle looks like it’s seen better days but walk a quick walk up along the coast of Loch Duich or Loch Long and the Castle takes on a whole new light.

There are far too many stunning Scottish castles for us to choose our facourite, so after watching the short video above, be sure to share your own.