Some of the computer games that take hundreds of hours to complete.Some of the computer games that take hundreds of hours to complete.
Some of the computer games that take hundreds of hours to complete.

Longest Video Games: Here are the 10 console and computer games that take the most time to complete - up to 80 full days

If you’re looking for value for money when it comes to your gaming needs, these are the titles that will have you burning the midnight oil for weeks, or even months

Gamers all over the world are currently getting their teeth into one of the biggest releases of the year in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom on the Nintendo Switch.

As good as it may be, new research shows that it’s unlikley to get into the list of games that take the longest to complete, with many taking hundreds, if not thousands of hours.

The study by gaming site Cribbage Online analyzed a database of completion times of over 60,000 games across PC and all consoles in order to determine which took the longest to gather all achievements, unlocks, secrets, and collectibles resulting in 100 per cent completion.

Interestingly, seven of the top ten games were initially released in 2010or earlier and five in the list do not support online multiplayer. Console games only just clinch the majority, with five games only being supported on console, with very close behind, with four of the top ten being PC only.

A spokesperson for Cribbage Online said: “This study shows that gamers are not only interested in completing games but are also dedicated to achieving even the most challenging goals within them. It's encouraging to see that the gaming industry provides such engaging and immersive experiences that capture the attention and determination of players. As video games continue to evolve, it’s exciting to see how they can continue offering players new and engaging experiences. This study's findings show the gaming community's strength and passions.”

Here are the 10 games that take longest to complete.

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