What is Moviedle? The Wordle spin-off for film fans explained, how to play and what was today’s movie

Those looking to crack the Moviedle puzzle will need to have a keen eye and an extensive knowledge of films

Earlier this year, online puzzle Wordle took the internet by storm and, after being bought by the New York Times, has remained a highly popular puzzle for users to sink their teeth into every day.

Alongside its popularity spawned countless spinoffs - Quordle, Queerdle, Nerdle, Worldle - the list is pretty much endless.

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The latest Wordle spinoff catching people’s attention on social media is Moviedle - the Wordle spinoff designed for movie buffs.

This is what you need to know.

What is Moviedle?

Moviedle is a movie related spin off of the word puzzle Wordle that absolutely took over the internet earlier this year.

Wordle is an online brain teaser which lies somewhere between a crossword and a sudoku puzzle.

This photo illustration shows a person playing online word game Wordle on a mobile phone (Photo by STEFANI REYNOLDS/AFP via Getty Images)

Anyone who knows the game Mastermind, which employs the use of coloured pegs, will instantly be familiar with the premise of Wordle.

But while Worlde players are trying to figure out a word in six guesses by using the clue system (green letters are letters in the correct place, yellow letters are letters that are in the word but in the wrong place, and grey letters aren’t in the word at all), Moviedle is more similar to the game’s musical spinoff Heardle.  

How does Moviedle work?

The object of Moviedle is to guess the movie in six tries.

For your first guess, you’ll see a version of the entire movie compressed into just one second - you won’t be able to pause or replay this clip, so be focused when you hit play.

Once the countdown is complete you’ll see a version of a movie compressed down to just one second (Photo: Adobe Stock)

After you’ve seen the clip you can then make your guess, or you can hit skip if you have no idea.

If you’re wrong, you’ll get to see progressively longer and slower versions of the film until you either get it right or run out of guesses.

Much like Wordle, there is only one Moviedle per day.

Can I play previous Moviedles?

After you’ve successfully (or unsuccessfully) guessed the right movie, you can play previous days puzzles by selecting the little calendar icon situated at the top right hand side of the screen.

You can also see your stats by clicking on the button next to the calendar - this shows you things like how many times you’ve played the game, when your streak is and what your win percentage is.

The site also links you to the IMDb of the film and where to find it on streaming if you want to find out more about it or watch it for yourself at its regular speed.

Who made Moviedle?

Moviedle was created by Jeremy Toeman, who is also the founder of video tech company AugX Labs.

Talking to We Got This Covered, Toeman describes himself as a “movie nerd” and says that Moviedle “doesn’t have to be the hardest game. It just has to be fun”.

He added: “You keep it challenging, but fun at the same time. My goal for Moviedle is that everybody can get it within six tries.

“If you’re a movie buff and you can get them all in one try, cool. But if you’ve never seen this movie before the six-second clip, hopefully there’s enough information to get you there.”

According to Toeman, Moviedle was built in less than two weeks and went through a few different iterations before landing on the game that users can play right now.

Unlike Wordle, where the word each day is randomly generated, Toeman actually picks what film is going to be puzzle users have to figure out.

He said: “I’m picking. I basically preload 100 days of movies. We built [the algorithm] for some other reasons. It’s used for rendering, but not with the selection.

“The selector is none other than yours truly.”

What was the film today?

Today, Thursday 28 April, the Moviedle was the 1994 film Speed, starring Keanu Reeves (The Matrix, John Wick), Sandra Bullock (The Jungle, Birdbox) and Dennis Hopper (Cool Hand Luke, Hoosiers).

Speed starred Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock (Photo: 20th Century Studios)

The film revolves around a bus that has been rigged to explode if it drops below 50 miles per hour and the rush to deactivate the bomb and save the passengers inside.

Speed won two academy awards - one for Best Sound Effects Editing and another for Best Sound. It’s sequel, Speed 2: Cruise Control, was released in 1997 and has infamously gone down as one of the worst sequels to ever hit cinema screens.