Adam Peaty: did Strictly Come Dancing star kiss dance partner Katya Jones - and what did his girlfriend say?

The Olympic swimmer has been accused of kissing dance partner Katya Jones after Argentine Tango

Olympian Adam Peaty and his professional dance partner Katya Jones.were thought to be the latest Strictly Come Dancing contestants to have been struck by the Strictly curse.

During week four, the couple raised eyebrows after a dramatic, intimate Tango.

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The Olympic medalist leaned in close to Katya as they ended their tango routine, he towering over her.

Fans sparked rumours of the apparent kiss on Twitter, while also praising the two for their thrilling routine.

However, Adam seems less thrilled with the accusations as he pushed back the following day.

So, what actually happened at the end of the routine - and has his girlfriend responded to the claims? This is what you need to know.

Did Adam Peaty and Katya Jones kiss?

While they may have been chest to chest, cheek to cheek on the dance floor - close viewing of the routine shows Peaty only moved to within millimetres of kissing her.

The routine ended with Katya leaning back into Peaty’s embrace - he towered over her as their chests touched before rising to their feet.

Katya stroked his head as the song came to a close, before Peaty moved even closer to her and this is when the apparent kiss took place.

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However, upon rewatching the routine it is clear there is a slight space between the pair the entire time.

Despite this, fans were quick to suggest the pair shared more than a perfectly executed tango performance.

One Twitter user quipped: “Did Adam go to kiss Katya then??!”

While another viewer added: “I know he’s probably half my age but Adam is hot. I’ve got goosebumps watching him and Katya.

"Absolutely loved it, theatrical and sexy. Sexiest and best dance of the night."

How has Adam responded to the rumours?

Peaty took to Twitter the following day to dispel the rumours and make it clear he wasn’t willing to tolerate gossip.

He acknowledged that the routine was his “favourite”, but added “protect your energy” and warned that rumours can have adverse effects on others in the situation.

Peaty is in a relationship with 23-year-old girlfriend Eirianedd Munro and they share a one-year-old son together.

How has Eiri Munro reacted to the ‘almost kiss’?

Munro, who met Peaty when the pair were both studying at Loughborough University, made a joke of the situation on TikTok.

The mother-of-one captioned a video “Watching your boyfriend almost kiss another woman on live TV … Finding out 10 million people also watched it live.”

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She posted the video with her face mocking a shock horror look and with crying baby sound effects in the background.

Munro didn’t seem phased by the apparent threat of the Strictly curse, the name given to the numerous relationships which have ended due to professional-celebrity romances.