Elite season 5 cast: who’s in Netflix series with Itzan Escamilla and Valentina Zenere, release date, trailer

Elite season five has dropped on Netflix and several new faces joining the cast

Elite follows a clash of cultures between working class teens and their upper-class peers at Spanish private school.

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The new season will see the introduction of several new cast members as well as the return of many long standing characters.

The show is Spain’s answer to Sex Education, with a similar amount of sex but considerably more murder.

Who is not returning for Elite season 5?

Danna Paola, who played Lu Montesinos, and Ester Expósito who played Carla Rosen were both in the show from the first season but will not be returning for season five.

Which cast members are returning?

Itzan Escamilla as Samuel Garcia

Samuel is the scholarship student as Las Encinas who enters into a relationship with the new girl Ari in the fourth season of the show.

Escamilla has also appeared in the Elite Short Stories series, and voiced Jack in the anime series The Idhun Chronicles.

Omar Ayuso as Omar Shanaa

Omar is the child of conservative Muslim parents and struggles to conceal his sexuality so that he can fit in at home, but by the fourth season he is much more in touch with his identity.

Ayuso has appeared in the short films Disseminare, La Tarotista, and Gusts of Wildlife, and is due to star in the upcoming film, Le Paradise De Diane.

Claudia Salas as Rebeka Parrilla

Rebeka grew up poor but came into wealth through her mother’s involvement in the drug world.

In the fourth season she grows close to Mencía who works as a prostitute, eventually saving her from an abusive client.

Salas is best known for playing Escalante in the historical drama Plague, and is due to appear in La Ruta, which is in pre-production.

Season 5 of Elite has seen a shakeup of the cast

Georgina Amorós as Cayetana Grajera

Grajera is a working class student who poses as a rich girl in an effort to bury her past and establish herself at the school.

In the fourth season of the show she breaks things off with Philippe after he is too forceful with her.

Amorós’ other credits include playing Emi in Under Suspicion and Lorenza in Seis hermanas.

Carla Díaz as Ari Blanco

Ari came to Las Encinas in the fourth season of the show and started a relationship with Samuel.

She is hospitalised at the end of season four when she is pushed into a pool and almost dies, but eventually wakes up in hospital.

Díaz has played Belén Tuñón in the adventure drama Amar es para siempre, and Elsa in Madres. Amor y vida.

Martina Cariddi as  Mencía Blanco

Mencía is another new girl introduced in season four who becomes a prostitute to make money.

Cariddi’s other credits include playing Concha adolescente in the historical drama While at War, and Martina Cariddi in La Tarotista.

Manu Rìos as Patrick Blanco

Patrick was introduced in season four and immediately started causing mischief, getting into a love triangle with Ander and Omar and creating drama for the couple.

Rìos played Mauri in Pepe’s Beach Bar, and Marcus in the miniseries The Age of Anger.

Who are the new cast members?

Valentina Zenere as Isadora

Isadora is a super wealthy character who arrives in Madrid via private helicopter.

With a team of helpers to cater to her every need, it’s clear that she lives a life of luxury.

Zenere, 25, is an Argentinian actress who played Ámbar Smith in the comedy series Soy Luna, and Camila in the historical series Cable Girls.

André Lamoglia as Iván

Iván will play the heartthrob and party animal of the show going forward.

Lamoglia is a Brazilian actor whose previous credits include playing Rafa Smor in Juacas and Luan in the comedy action series Bia.

Adam Nourou as Bilal

Bilal is something of an enigma in season five, as nothing much is known about the character.

Nourou, aged 19, has previously played Massar in Adú.

When will Elite season 5 be released?

Season five was released on Netflix at midnight on 8 April.