Grantchester season 6: who stars in the cast with Al Weaver and Robson Green - and where is it filmed?

Grantchester is primarily shot in the town by the same name, located in Cambridgeshire

Grantchester has returned to ITV for a sixth season, this time set in 1958 in the Cambridgeshire village of Granchester.

The new season began at the fictional Merries Holiday Camp during the summer break, with lead actors Robson Green, Kacey Ainsworth and Tom Brittney all reprising their roles.

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The current series synopsis tells how the characters of Reverend Will Davenport, Detective Inspector Geordie Keating,  housekeeper Mrs Chapman and Geordie’s wife Cathy struggle to weigh up morality and legality as crimes pitch friends against one another.

So, who is in the cast of season six - and what might you have seen them in before?

Tom Brittney as Will Davenport

Tom Brittney as Rev Will Devonport (Picture: ITV)

Brittney plays the role of the Rev Will Davenport, a motorcycle-riding man of God who previously replaced James Norton’s Rev. Sidney Chambers.

You may recognise Brittney from his role in Outlander, as Lieutenant Jeremy Foster, or Tyler Mitchell in the BBC drama The Syndicate.

In series six, the unconventional man of the cloth (he broke his vow of celibacy in the previous season when he had a sexual encounter with a nun) is “sexually liberated” says Brittney, and begins exploring his romantic feelings for a woman at the holiday park.

Robson Green as Geordie Keating

Robson Green (L) as Detective Geordie (Picture: ITV)

Green started out his onscreen career as one half of 90s duo, Robson and Gerome. Since putting down the mic, he’s starred as Dr Tony Hill in Wire in the Blood and Dave Ticket in Soldier Soldier.

His most recent roles include Teddy in BBC One drama Age Before Beauty and presenting fishing show ‘Robson Green: Extreme Fishing’ for Channel 5.

He plays the lead role of Geordie Keating, a police detective who also happens to be the less forgiving best friend of Will.

Green said of series six that their relationship would become tested, as “Geordie is not seeing the world how Will sees it and Will not seeing the world how Geordie sees it and conflict occurs.”

Al Weaver as Leonard Finch

Al Weaver as Leonard Finch (Picture: ITV)

Al Weaver will also star in the movie ‘I’m Not In Love’ (2021) as well as credits such as MacBeth; and Press (2018).

Having starred in Grantchester since 2014, he plays a gay man who cannot reveal his sexuality due to the illegalities of being gay in the 50s.

This proves catastrophic in season six, as he is jailed when his sexuality is revealed.

On 7 October, Al told ITV’s Good Morning Britain that the role had a profound impact on him.

“A lot of men were getting done for gross indecency and he gets six months, which is not too bad – not to say not too bad, but a lot of men were getting put away for over three years and things like that for being caught in public,” he explained.

Kacey Ainsworth as Cathy Keating

Cathie is Geordie’s wife (Picture: ITV)

Ainsworth is best known for her debut TV role as Little Mo in EastEnders, which she played from 2000 to 2006.

For Grantchester, she plays the role of Geordie’s wife, whom he cheated on in previous seasons. In season five, their relationship was on the rocks again when Geordie invited his mother to live with them and their young family.

Tessa Peake-Jones as Mrs Chapman

Viewers of Grantchester will most likely associate Peake-Jones with ‘Raquel,’ the no nonsense wife of Del.

She has since starred in BBC’s Holby City and Doctors, before taking on the role of Mrs Chapman, formerly (until series three) known as Mrs McGuire.

Mrs Chapman is a devout housekeeper to Rev Will Davenport.

Lauren Carse as Ellie Harding

Carse’s TV credits include Vera, The Mallorca Files, and the mini-series Dark Mon£y.

However, she is best known as journalist and friend of Geordie, Ellie Harding.

Harding is sensationalist, gossipy and more about great stories than great morals, despite this, she has attracted the attention of Rev. Will and he has a love-hate relationship with her.

Jemma Redgrave as Amelia Davenport

Jemma Redgrave as Amelia Devonport (Picture: ITV)

Viewers might recognise Redgrave from Holby City, or from her recurring role as Kate Stewart in Doctor Who.

While her acting credits go back to the 90s, she is best recognised as Amelia Davenport, a timid widow who lost her husband when he took his own life after his son, Will, and Geordie discovered that he had killed a man.

Dominic Mafham as St John

Dominic Mafham as St John (R), engaged to Will’s mother (Picture: ITV)

Screen and stage actor Mafham has many acting credits, such as roles in Ophelia, Strike, W1A, Humans, Father Brown, and The Musketeers.

He joined Grantchester in season five, as Will’s new stepfather engaged to Amelia.

Oliver Dimsdale as Daniel Marlowe

Downton Abbey actor Oliver Dimsdale - who played Prince Charles in the period-drama - has also starred as Peter Eaton in White House Farm and Mr Keen in Mr Selfridge among others.

In Grantchester, he is the boyfriend of Leonard.

Where is Grantchester filmed?

Viewers might be shocked to learn that Grantchester is an actual town in Cambridgeshire. The series is shot in the town by the same name, as well as other locations such as Cambridge University and other spots in the city centre.

Grantchester returned to ITV on Friday 3rd September 2021.