Hunted on Channel 4: when is season 6 of TV show out 2022, who are the contestants and hunters, how to apply

The popular series returns for the first time since before the coronavirus pandemic - and there’s a new twist

A new group of ordinary Brits will try to outsmart a group of expert hunters and disappear as a one-of-a-kind documentary drama series returns to Channel 4.

The group of people, who come from all walks of life, will attempt to become fugitives for around one month - but the group of expert hunters will do their best to catch them -  in the aptly named series Hunted.

It’s been two years since the last series of the real-life thriller aired due to the Covid-19 pandemic, apart from one-off celebrity specials, so fans of the show are very excited for the 2022 series - and this year there’s a new twist.

So, just what is Hunted, what can viewers expect from the new series and when will it be on TV?

Here’s what you need to know.

What is Hunted?

In Hunted, which first aired in 2015, a group of contestants go on the run in the UK as they attempt to go completely off the grid for 25 to 28 days.

They can take anything they can carry with them, including tents, food, and disguises, and they are given access to a bank account with £250 in it.

They are not allowed to leave the UK, and each fugitive is given an embedded camera operator to capture every moment of the journey.

Some of the contestants choose to go it alone, while others pair up - usually with a family member or friend.

Just half an hour after the fugitives go on the run officially, the professional hunters - whose job it is to catch them - are given their names, ages, addresses and mug shots, as well as aerial footage of their escape.

If any of the fugitives can successfully outrun the hunters they win a share of the £100,000 prize money.

Who are the contestants?

We don’t know much about the contestants taking part in this series yet, but we do know they include an ex-military veteran, a serving police officer and a couple who describe themselves as experienced urban explorers.

There’s also a pair of sisters, a mother and son and two men who are the show’s first deaf competitors, who will all be doing their best to fool the hunters.

Who are the hunters?

The team of hunters will be led by Assistant Chief Constable of Cleveland Police, Lisa Theaker, who viewers will recognise from previous series.

The elite line-up of police and military personnel will attempt to track down the fugitives using techniques used by the likes of MI5, including live CCTV, drones, tracker dogs, mobile phone monitoring and publicity campaigns.

They are even able to watch the contestants’ bank transactions and even interrogate their family members.

What happens in the first episode?

For the first time ever in the history of the series, in 2022 the contestants must make their initial escape from an island.

This time, there are 11 contestants who are hoping to outsmart the hunters and take home a portion of the prize money.

In episode one, viewers will see the group arrive on a deserted beach on the Isle of Wight with just a small amount of cash and a change of clothes.

In a race against each other they’ll have to find their way back to the mainland before being caught.

Nathan and James try their luck at a private marina, while Meurig and Elinor attempt to smuggle themselves off the island right under the hunters’ noses, and when a gale hits the island, Shoba and Amarinder are forced to use a more conspicuous means of transport.

What happens in the second episode?

In the second episode, viewers will see the hunters come close to catching more than one of the fugitives.

Theytrack Elinor and Meurig to his sister’s house in Brecon, where Meurig makes a dramatic getaway.

Despite a close shave, Shoba and Amarinder continue to rely on their family network, while Nathan and James devise a plan to lure the hunters to a fake rendezvous.

Urban explorers try to throw the hunters off their scent by deleting a text, but this text gives the hunters a lead on the pair’s whereabouts.

When is Hunted season six on TV?

As usual, the sixth season will air on Channel 4.

The new series will begin at 9pm on Sunday 22 May.

Episode two will follow at 9pm on Monday 23 May.

We expect that each episode will be available shortly after broadcast on All 4.

All previous five seasons are also available to watch on All 4, including celebrity editions of the show.

How many episodes of Hunted season six are there?

We expect that, in line with all previous five seasons, there will be six hour long episodes of Hunted in series six.

How can you apply to be in season seven?

Hunted season six may be about to hit our screens, but the producers are already looking for people who want to appear on season seven.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to evade capture by the hunters, you can apply to be on the show by filling out an online application form now.