Rupert Young: who was Will Young’s twin brother, what happened to him and when will Channel 4 documentary air

When will Will Young’s documentary air on Channel 4?

A new documentary about the death of Will Young’s brother, Rupert Young, which highlights the difficulties of addiction is set to air on Channel 4.

But what is the documentary about and when will it be on TV?

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Here’s what you need to know.

What is the documentary about?

The documentary, named Will Young: Losing My Twin Rupert, sees the singer explore the stigma surrounding addiction as well as the impact the disease has on families.

It also shows Will trying to come to terms with his grief after losing his twin brother to addiction and suicide in 2020.

Rupert Young, was 41, when he died after falling from Westminster Bridge in London on 2 August 2020.

His death came a few days after paramedics saw him walking along the edge of the same bridge and he was admitted to hospital.

Rupert had been living with Will for four years and the singer said that towards the end of his brother’s life he became his carer.

The Channel 4 introduction to the documentary said: “Singer Will Young lived with his twin’s alcoholism for over 20 years, until Rupert died in 2020. Will’s shockingly honest and moving film explores the pain and drama of a loved one’s addiction.”

In a statement about the documentary, Will Young said: “It was very enlightening and emotional to make this film and I am extremely proud of everyone ’s involvement in it.

“I hope it shines a light on the difficulties that so many people face today in the UK with addiction and getting the necessary help.”

He also told BBC Breakfast: “The film we have made is a lasting legacy which shows who he really was - the most extraordinary man who struggled at lot of the time, and still did extraordinary things. It is really important to talk about things which is why I have done this documentary.”

Rita Daniels, commissioning editor for Channel 4, said: “We are very thankful to Will and his family for opening up about the sensitive and difficult topic of addiction and we hope Will’s profound tribute to his brother will go a long way to helping those going through similar issues.”

Young has previously spoken about his brother’s suicide and in a statement made outside of the court following the inquest into his brother’s death, the singer said he believed his brother should have been seen by a psychiatrist.

He said: “It is my belief that it must or should have been obvious to all concerned that he was at high risk of suicide and should have been detained under the Mental Health Act for his own safety.

“Had this been done, he might still be alive today. I know we are not the only family in this situation, and I pray that lessons are learned from his situation and some of these deaths are prevented in the future.”

When does the documentary come out?

Will Young’s documentary will be released on Tuesday 10 May at 10pm on Channel 4.

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