Where to vote for Eurovision 2022 - voting information for phone and app votes

There are many ways to vote for your favourite song in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest

One of the most exciting parts of Eurovision is picking your favourite song.

Armchair critics relish the chance to rank their favourite performances, but the real contest starts when voting opens.

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In those precious few moment, dreams can be made or broken, with hundreds of millions of people across Europe sending their votes in.

But how do you vote? How long are lines open?

Here’s everything you need to know.

Here's how you can vote for your favourite performance in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

How do you vote in Eurovision?

There are many different way for people in the UK to vote for their favourite Eurovision performances.

The most common way is via phone voting.

Each participating country will be allocated a number corresponding to their order in the show.

For example, the first performer will be given the code 01.

The public then use the code of the country they want to vote for at the end of the phone number.

To phone from a UK landline, call 09015 22 52 followed by the code. To phone from a UK mobile, dial 6 22 52 followed by the country code.

The numbers will be frequently shown on screen while voting remains.

Calls from a landline cost 15p plus your network’s access charge. Calls from a mobile cost 15p.

You can also download the Eurovision app to make the process a little easier.

Using the app will give you a shortcut to the mobile phone telephone number.

Phone lines can often be busy during the voting period - if you hear a dialling code you can try again as your vote will not be registered until you hear the recorded message.

Can the UK vote via text?

Text voting for Eurovision is currently not available in the UK.

The BBC details: “Text voting cannot be included in the Eurovision Song Contest UK vote due to the relatively short periods in which the vote is open and during which the result needs to be provided and verified.

“There is the risk of potential delays within the mobile networks at busy times which could result in text votes not being received within the period the vote is open. With a phone call, if the exchange is busy you will hear an engaged tone, however with text/SMS you would not know if there is any late delivery of your vote (causing it to not be registered).”

You can also not vote through the BBC Eurovision website or by email.

Are there any rules for voting in Eurovision?

There are some rules which you must follow before voting in Eurovision.

You cannot vote for your own country in the contest.

You also only have a maximum of 20 votes to use from your phone number. You can split these between however many countries you want, or give all 20 to one entry, but you will not be able to exceed this amount.

How long is voting open for in Eurovision?

Voting will not open until the last performance is finished.

At this point, the hosts will utter the famous words - “Europe, start voting now.”

From this point, you will have around 15 minutes to register your votes.

The hosts will once again close the voting line after this period. Any votes cast after this may still be charged but will not be counted.