Walter Presents 2022: best new releases on UK Channel 4 platform - from Sins of the Fathers to Hjerson

Walter Presents is Channel 4’s specially curated strand of international drama - here are all the new boxsets to look forward to, from The Wagner Method to Seizure

Walter Presents is Channel 4’s specially curated strand of international drama, bringing Nordic crime dramas and Italian political thrillers to UK audiences since 2016.

Some previous shows featured by Walter that have proven particularly popular include French series Time is a Killer, Italian thriller The Hunter, and German drama Deutschland 83.

Here’s everything that’s currently been announced as coming soon to Walter Presents on Channel 4.

What is Walter Presents?

Walter Presents is a specially curated showcase of award-winning foreign language drama. Each series is introduced by Walter Iuzzolino, the producer and passionate drama fan who partnered with Channel 4 to bring a wider array of television to different audiences.

You can find Walter Presents dramas as boxsets on All4. Individual Walter Presents dramas are broadcast on Channel 4 as well.

What’s coming to Walter Presents in August and beyond?

Sins of the Fathers ● Friday 29 July

The cast of Sins of the Fathers (Credit: Maciej Hachlica/TVN)

What’s it about? Former police commissioner Sikora abolished the old Warsaw Mafia; ex-Mafia member Blacha has now become a successful businessman on the straight and narrow. When Blacha is suddenly accused of murder, the two men are thrown back together - and this time united when their daughters are in danger. Sins of the Fathers was nominated for Best Fictional Series at the Polish Film Awards.

Who’s in it? Robert Wieckiewicz, Artur Zmijewski, Joanna Balasz and Eliza Rycembel star in this 8x60min Polish drama from creators Sebastien Paris and Eric Verat.

Hide and Seek ● Friday 12 August

A woman holds a young child in an elephant onesie. A man looks on, a few steps behind her (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? When children start going missing in an unsuspecting industrial town, detectives Varta and Maksim hunt down an elusive Pied Piper-esque kidnapper, becoming increasingly invested in the case as it stirs up past demons of their own. Hide and Seek is Walter Presents’ first Ukrainian drama, and a previous nominee for Best Central and Eastern European Series at the Serial Killer awards.

Who’s in it? Vyacheslav Dovzhenko, Yuliya Abdel Fattakh, and Pyotr Rykov star in this 8x60min Ukrainian drama from creator Irina Gromozda.

How can I watch it? Hide and Seek will be available in full as a boxset on All4 from Friday 12 August, with the first episode airing on Channel 4 on Sunday 14 August at 9pm.

Angel of Death Season 2 ● Friday 26 August

A prisoner in an orange jumpsuit places his hand on the glass as he uses a phone (Credit: Walter Presents/Channel 4)

What’s it about? Piotr Wolnicki, the serial killer from season 1, tries to convince the public of his innocence; Commissioner Polkowska is determined to convict Piotr for his crimes. Will Piotr get his family back together and prove his innocence or will Polkowska find enough evidence to put him in jail for good?

Who’s in it? Maciej Stuhr (Walter Presents: The Teacher) and Aleksandra Poplawska star in this 7x60min Polish drama from creators Slawomir Fabicki and Igor Brejdygant.

How can I watch it? All 7 episodes of Angel of Death season 2 will be available as a boxset on All4 from Friday 26 August.

Eastern European Season ● July/August

Walter Presents Eastern European Season (Credit: Walter Presents)

Four Strangers ● Sunday 17 July

A Croation drama about four complete strangers - each in some way ground down by the everyday struggle of life in the city - bound together irrevocably by a violent event. Directed by Academy Award-winning filmmaker Danis Tanović.

Sins of the Fathers ● Friday 29 July

A Polish drama about a retired policeman and a former criminal who must face their past when their daughters' lives are suddenly put at risk. This gangster thriller shines a light on the dark and dangerous activities of the Warsaw Mafia.

Hide and Seek ● Sunday 14 August

Ukrainian drama. A father and daughter play a game of hide-and-seek. Soon, she is nowhere to be found... Later, a video is posted which shows the girl holding a sign with a mysterious set of numbers. She’s the first of several children who disappear without a trace in a small industrial town.

Angel of Death Season 2 ● Friday 26 August

Polish drama. A year after the tragic events of Season 1 took place, the public is waiting for the results of the trial in the case of the murdered women. Piotr Wolnicki, the main suspect, pleads not guilty. For some he is a terrifying murderer, for others a victim of the system. Will the testimonies be enough to put him away?

Agatha Christie’s Hjerson ● Friday 2 September, More4

Johan Rheborg as Hjerson, leaning forward in his armchair (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? Inspired by a character from Agatha Christie’s Poirot novels, Hjerson is about the unlikely partnership between a faded criminal profiler and a reality TV producer. The pair collaborate on true crime reality show, solving a new case each week.

Who’s in it? Johan Rheborg (Walter Presents: Partisan), Hanna Alström (Kingsman), and Maria Lundqvist star in this 8x60min Swedish drama from creators Lisa Farzaneh, Lisa James Larsson, and Patrik Gyllström.

How can I watch it? Hjerson begins on More4 on Friday 2 September, with new episodes available weekly on All4. The series will run for 8 consecutive weeks until Friday 21 October.

Redemption ● Sunday 4 September, Channel 4

Alessandro Gassman as Valerio, sat cross-legged in the sand, a high-rise behind him (Credit: Walter Presents)

What’s it about? Former policeman Valerio is running from his old life after losing his job and the respect of his family - but the apparent suicide of his son draws him back. Old flame Sara insists that Valerio’s son’s death was more than it seemed, and the pair investigate the suicide - forcing Valerio to confront more than one hidden truth along the way.

Who’s in it? Golden Globe-winning actors Alessandro Gassman and Maya Sansa star alongside Andrea Sartoretti and Luigi Fedele in this 8x60 min Italian drama from Leonardo Fasoli and Maddalena Ravagli (creators of Gomorrah and Maltese).

How can I watch it? The first episode of Redemption will air on Channel 4 at 11pm on Sunday 4 September, with the full series available as a boxset on All4 from Friday 2 September.

Where and how can I watch Walter Presents?

The collected works featured in Walter Presents are available as boxsets on All4. There are currently 80 different dramas of varying lengths and languages available via Walter Presents, from moody German thrillers to haunting French crime dramas.

Who is Walter Iuzzolino?

The Walter of Walter Presents, Iuzzolino is a television producer and drama fan. He selects the dramas that are featured as part of Walter Presents, acting as curator for the strand. Iuzzolino founded Walter Presents alongside Jason Thorp and Jo McGrath.

As a producer, some of the series he’s been personally involved in in the UK include The Undateables and My Big Fat Fetish, as well as the English-language remakes of Professor T, Before We Die, and Suspect.