Where was Murder Island filmed? Isle of Gigha filming locations for Channel 4 show written by Ian Rankin

The Channel 4 show is based around a fictional murder mystery plot which four pairs of regular people need to solve to be in with the chance of winning £50,000

<p>The show is based on the fictional island of Hirsa, though it was filmed on the Scottish Isle of Gigha (Picture: Channel 4)</p>

The show is based on the fictional island of Hirsa, though it was filmed on the Scottish Isle of Gigha (Picture: Channel 4)

Channel 4’s ‘Murder Island’ is the latest murder mystery series to hit our screens, only this one has an original format of fiction meets reality.

The series’ plot has been written by award winning Scottish crime author Ian Rankin and sets four pairs of wannabe detectives on the hunt to solve a fictitious murder.

Their detective skills could win them a handsome cash prize, but only if they solve the case and support their findings with evidence which stands up against the scrutiny of three former investigators.

Viewers may also wonder where Murder Island is set, as the remote location provides stunning scenery as the backdrop of the eerie plot.

So, where was it filmed and where is it supposed to be set? This is what you need to know.

Where was Murder Island filmed?

Ian Rankin is not the only Scottish stamp on the show, as it was also filmed on Scottish turf.

ITV reported that the fictional island or Hirsa is the where the murder mystery will come to life, but the plot was actually filmed on the Scottish island of Gigha.

Gigha is just short of 10 kilometres long and lies just off the west coast (about three miles) of Kintyre, it makes up part of the Inner Hebrides.

The island is similar to that of fictional Hirsa, boasting one town, Ardminish, which is considered the capital of the tiny settlement.

The town was where the majority of filming for the series took place.

Gigha has a population of just 163 people, mostly employed in farming, agriculture and fishing.

Gigha has historically been a very strong Gaelic speaking area.

What is the plot of Murder Island?

The ficitonal plot is based on Hirsa, an island which has a population of 173 and is served by one pub, one shop and a primary school. When a body is discovered on the remote, tranquil island, a murder investigation gets underway.

The murder mystery has been written by Rankin, eight contestants working in groups of two will need to unpick the clues to determine the suspect, method and motive of the crime.

The experts will also be given clues about the murder and expected to draw their own conclusions (Picture: Channel 4)

The investigation is overseen by some of the country’s finest real detectives, who will work with the same information as the amateur detectives and will bring their own experience to bear as they judge each team.

The teams have eight days to catch the killer, sifting through evidence, examining pathology and forensic reports and interviewing witnesses and suspects.

Once they have concluded their investigation, they must build a strong enough case to satisfy one of Scotland’s leading lawyers, then they could earn a £50,000 reward.

When is Murder Island on TV?

The first episode of Murder Island will air on Channel 4 on Tuesday October 5 at 9.30pm.

There are six episodes in the series, with one airing each week.