Where is Zoe Ball today? What happened to BBC Radio 2 breakfast host and why she left show early this morning

Presenter Zoe went home after only presenting her breakfast radio show for a few minutes this morning, with Ken Bruce stepping in

<p>Zoe Ball had to pull out of presenting the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show on Monday 4 April 2022 due to illness</p>

Zoe Ball had to pull out of presenting the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show on Monday 4 April 2022 due to illness

Radio presenter Zoe Ball left the Radio 2 studios after only presenting her breakfast show for a few minutes this morning, leaving fans concerned.

But, where is Zoe Ball and what happened? Here’s what you need to know.

What happened to Zoe Ball?

Fans are used to hearing Zoe present the BBC Radio 2 breakfast show weekday morning between 6.30am and 9.30am.

Zoe has been presenting the show since January 2019, when she took over the all-important slot from Chris Evans in January 2019.

This morning, however, when listeners tuned in to the breakfast show they heard the voice of travel presenter Ritchie Anderson.

He told listeners that Zoe had got a flat tyre on her car on her way in to the central London studios and would arrive shortly.

However, when Zoe did arrive listeners expressed concern for her on Twitter, saying that she had ‘wobbled’ while she was reading out the Radio 2 Whatsapp number.

One said: “She was on for a few minutes. I noticed the Whatsapp wobble. Hope all is ok Zoe.”

Another said: “She said Oh Gosh as she was reading the number, didn’t she, then disappeared.”

After half an hour, however, listeners heard Ritchie take over the reins again, telling listeners that Zoe had gone home ill.

Ken Bruce, who normally presents a mid-morning show from 9.30am, then came in an hour early and took over as presenter from 8.30am.

What did listeners say?

When Ritchie informed listeners that Zoe had gone home due to ill health, they took to Twitter to send their well-wishes to Zoe, with many tweeting her directly.

One user said: “@ZoeTheBall Oh no Zoe.  You having a mare of a day!!! Sending you positive vibes sweetheart.”

Listeners also praised Ritchie Anderson for doing a “great” job covering for Zoe at short notice.

One listener said: “Well done @richie_anderson for  taking the reins of @BBCRadio2 breakfast show this morning. Hope @ZoeTheBall is better soon”

Another said: “@richie_anderson great show today on #bbcradio2 today covering for @ZoeTheBall think you should have your own slot!  Great work”

One listener expressed concern that Zoe may be suffering with long Covid.

“I wonder if @ZoeTheBall had got a touch of the long Covid. She didn’t sound right last week. Well done @richie_anderson for stepping up the mark. Great job. You’re a natural. Give him a permanent slot @BBCRadio2

Just two weeks ago, on Friday 18 March, Zoe told her Twitter followers that she was going to have to pull out of presenting BBC’s Red Nose Day coverage that evening due to being ill in bed with coronavirus.

She said: “ook ! fell at last hurdle and have had positive lat flows this am- noooooooo - gorgeous @AleshaOfficial is going to work the double shift tonight on @ComicRelief, i owe you lady love - good luck to A, Lenny, David, Paddy, AJ, Vernon, & the @comicrelief gang.”

A follow up tweet said: “There are so many brilliant treats in store tonight. i’ll be watching & supporting from bed (probably in full make up, outfit, heels and all) might invite @joeldommett over #sickbay .”

Presenter and comedian Joel Dommett was also due to present the charity telethon, but had announced on his official Instagram page two days earlier that he was unable to do so due to being ill with Covid.