Accidents at home hurt 4 children every hour

ON AVERAGE four youngsters are admitted to hospital every hour after accidents at home.

And while many parents are aware of common risks like falls down stairs and scalds from hot drinks, they are much less conscious of risks from washing pellets, hair straighteners, falls from windows and smoke from fires.

A survey for the the Child Accident Prevention Trust (CAPT). found four out of five parents believe their home is the safest place for their child.

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But 11 toddlers a day are taken to hospital after swallowing something potentially harmful, while six are admitted for burns.

Katrina Phillips, chief executive of CAPT, said: "Caring for a small child is hugely demanding so it's no wonder parents feel pushed for time. What's worrying is that, with four small children hospitalised every hour, many parents think there's nothing they can do to stop these accidents happening or that it will take too much time and energy.

"But parents needn't feel overwhelmed by accidents, as just two minutes a day making small changes in their home can make a huge difference to their child's safety."

Dr Amber Young, chair of the British Burn Association Prevention Committee, said: "Burns from hair straighteners, hot bath water and hot drinks can take months or even years of painful skin grafts before they heal. Yet many of these serious injuries can be prevented by devoting just a few minutes to safety measures."