10 Famous People that speak or study Gaelic starting with SNP Leader Candidate Kate Forbes

Scottish Gaelic, despite being an endangered language, is still spoken (or being studied) by many prominent people across multiple industries.

Scottish Gaelic is Scotland’s endangered language that was brought to the country over 1500 years ago by way of Ireland. Scotland’s 2011 census revealed that roughly 57,000 people spoke the language while 87,000 had some of the ‘language skills’ - a fairly low figure for a country of over 5.5 million.

However, after Gaelic’s launch on the language-learning app Duolingo seeing it successfully pull in 1.5 million learners, there’s been renewed hope for its survival. Famous musicians, social media influencers and TV shows have showcased the language too - making it an exciting time for anyone studying it.

In fact, the Scottish Gaelic activist himself Calum McLean even beat legendary musician Lewis Capaldi in being crowned ‘the most influential Scot on TikTok’ recently.

In celebration, here are 10 famous people that speak - or are studying - Scottish Gaelic.

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