Robert Burns: 10 Surprising facts about the Scottish poet you probably didn’t know

Robert Burns is the world-famous Scottish Bard we all know and love for his timeless poetry, and in honour of Burns Night 2023 here are 10 surprising facts you likely never knew about the man.

January 25 marks the annual celebration of Scotland’s national poet or ‘Bard’ known as Robert Burns. On this day we observe traditional Scottish music, poetry recitals, and the sharing of cultural dishes like Haggis as we celebrate ‘Rabbie’ himself… But is that even his real name?

While the Scottish icon is known well for his poetry and command of the Scots language, there remain more elusive details of the Alloway-born poet and his legacy.

So, in celebration of Burns Night 2023, here are 10 facts about Robert Burns you likely haven't heard of before.

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