Staff at Scotland's Travelodge hotel chain have had to field some weird and wonderful questions and requests this year.

Where can I catch a Cullen Skink? Here are 13 weird requests made by tourists staying in Scottish Travelodges in 2022

This year, hotel chain Travelodge has experienced a stampede of customers checking into its hotels across all corners of Scotland, following the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions.

The flurry of tourists has also resulted in hotel teams receiving an influx of ‘interesting’ requests and questions from their customers during their stay – from place names and local dishes, to customs and traditions.

But some of the requests have left staff scratching their heads, with others impossible to help with, such as a query on where one could feed wild haggis.

Shakila Ahmed, from Travelodge, said: “Following a very difficult two years, holidaymakers have taken full advantage this year to enjoy everything they have missed during the pandemic and this includes holidays and business trips. We have experienced a significant increase in bookings across our 41 Travelodge hotels in Scotland this year including our 10 hotels in Edinburgh. Also with more Britons holidaying on British shores than ever before our hotel teams in Scotland have also received a high volume of interesting requests and questions especially around Scottish attractions, locations, local dishes, customs and traditions. Where possible, our hotel teams will go above and beyond to help customers as they relish a good challenge. However, there are some requests beyond their control such as getting ordained to officiate a wedding at Stirling Castle, catching a Cullen Skink, organising for a family to feed the wild haggis and arranging a visit from the Loch Ness Monster.”

Here are 13 of the most hilarious and strange requests made this year across Scotland.

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