Kevin the Carrot 2021: release date of Aldi mascot and where to buy - as supermarket reveals Christmas advert

The festive advert features E-banana Scrooge and Marcus Radish-ford (we see what they did there)

It’s officially time to get the Christmas carols on and start perusing the supermarkets’ festive food ranges - as Aldi’s Christmas advert arrived following John Lewis and M&S.

Many fans of the store’s chatty mascot, Kevin the Carrot, worried that he would not be back this year.

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But, not even Marcus Radish-ford could kick him to the curb and the little orange veg is back.

So, where can you buy your very own Kevin the Carrot - and will there be other figures available for 2021? This is what you need to know.

Where can I buy Kevin the Carrot 2021?

Kevin plush toys will be in Aldi stores across the country from 25 November.

While we are used to buying bags of carrots, these ones are different and customers will only be allowed to bag two toys per shopper.

Kevin is dressed in a double-breasted purple jacket, shirt and jumper this year, in keeping with the Dickens’ theme of  ‘A Christmas Carol’.

The supermarket has put its own culinary stamp on it, referring to it as ‘A Christmas Carrot by Charles Chickens’.

Kevin appears to E-banana Scrooge as a ghost (Picture: Aldi)

While the price of Kevin has not been announced yet, last year’s pilot Kevin cost £3.99, with limited edition large Kevin costing £19.99.

What other characters are in the Aldi Christmas advert this year?

The Aldi Christmas advert this year tells the story of ‘Christmas Carrot by Charles Chickens’.

It follows E-banana Scrooge, who hates Christmas because he was never chosen by Santa from the plate of mince pies left out.

Then, one night in his dreams he meets Kevin the ghost Carrot and they go on a trip to understand Christmas through Kevin’s eyes.

Throughout the dream they meet Kevin’s friends, including Marcus Radish-ford (voiced by the England football player), and see how much fun Christmas can be.

Marcus Radish-ford is voiced by the England superstar, Marcus Rashford

When the grumpy banana wakes, he realises ‘for you to be happy, you have to be kind’.

He visits Kevin in his home and brings Christmas puddings, for pudding up with him.

E-banana learns that in order to be happy, you have to be kind (Picture: Aldi)

Kevin’s family celebrate the day with E-banana Scrooge.

Can I buy E-banana Scrooge and Marcus Radish-ford?

E-banana Scrooge, Marcus Radish-ford and Kevin’s family, wife Katie and his kids (named Chantenay, Jasper and Baby) will all be available to buy.

Again, no prices have been confirmed this year but in 2020 all plushies cost £3.99 each or you could also buy bundles.

This included the full carrot family for £19,95 or the three kid carrots as a set of three for £3.99.