Is your beloved pup at risk of developing hip dysplasia?Is your beloved pup at risk of developing hip dysplasia?
Is your beloved pup at risk of developing hip dysplasia?

Dog Hip Dysplasia: These are the 10 breeds of adorable pedigree dog prone to hip dysplasia and joint porblems - including the loving Labrador Retriever 🐕

Prospective dog owners should be aware their beloved pup may be genetically predisposed to a painful and incurable condition.

A huge number of us decided to welcome new puppies into our homes over the last three years – according to Kennel Club figures dog ownership soared and demand for four-legged friends remains high.

There are a whopping 221 different breeds of pedigree dog to choose from, alongside numerous crossbreeds, so there’s plenty of thinking to do before you select your family’s latest addition.

There’s even academic guidance to seek out, with Psychologist Stanley Coren’s book ‘The Intelligence of Dogs’ ranking breeds by instincts, obedience, and the ability to adapt.

Another thing to take into consideration is that some breeds are prone to particular health issues.

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One common canine disorder is hip dysplasia – when the dog’s hip ball and socket joint doesn’t fit or develop properly, causing it to rub and grind instead of sliding smoothly.

The condition results in the deterioration of the hip over time, causing pain and drastically reduce a dog’s quality of life.

Here are the 10 least breeds of dog genetically predisposed to suffering hip dysplasia, according to the American Kennel Club, along with more information about the condition.

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