Old Kilpatrick food bank switches up the heat

Old Kilpatrick food bank opens up as new ‘warm hub’ to help the community through winter

Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels are welcoming anyone who needs shelter from the cold with its new “warm hub” which offers soup, hot water bottles, blankets, and somewhere “cosy” to visit. Founder of OKFP, Maureen Cummings, 55, is now determined to keep helping those in need and break down the stigma of asking for help.

She said: “I noticed people aren’t in a hurry to leave the food bank anymore. Due to perceived stigma, people used to quickly visit, collect their parcel and go but that has now changed. “They might have been embarrassed before and just wanted to leave but now they need the heat, there has been a big demand. “We been working hard to break down the stigma of our service and made it a welcoming safe space. We have never been busier. “Visitors can expect homemade soup, food specials and blankets, hot water bottles as well as cups of tea or coffee, the heating on and a warm welcome. “The place is really cosy. We leave jigsaw puzzles and other games on the tables as a reminder to people that you don’t need to be in a hurry to leave. “People can connect to the wifi or take a book. We had a family recently who stayed most of the day, Dad was working on his laptop and his wife joined some of the art classes while the son watched TV and played games. There is no time limit. Everyone is encouraged to visit if they need us. ”Very recently a couple who where in for a visit very generously agreed to pay our heating bill till the end of the year. We are so grateful”. Warm Hubs have been opening throughout the UK as fuel prices surge and contents of purses shrink due to the cost of living crisis. Warm Hubs are also known as Warm Banks.

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‘Warm Hubs’ have been created by as places within the local community where people can be assured of finding a safe, warm and friendly environment in which to enjoy refreshments, social activity, information and advice and the company of other people’. Cost of Living: 'Warm hubs' to be created to help those facing extreme fuel poverty this winter. Organisations including local authorities, community councils, faith groups and sports clubs are setting up, or looking to set up, 'Warm Hubs' within local communities to help those struggling with the cost of living. 'Warm hubs' are intended as a local as places within local communities where people can find a safe, accessible and warm environment during the day to help reduce the cost of heating their own homes and to help those facing extreme fuel poverty this winter. What 'Warm Hubs' might offer: Refreshments and snacks (as a minimum) but may extend to a more substantive meal where relevant or possible.

Maureen Cummings, founder of Old Kilpatrick Food Parcels
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Advice and support services to those who attend, this can be for example advice and support on financial matters, health and well-being or digital accessibility.

Activities such as exercise, or arts and cultural activity (subject to location and availability).

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