Some of Glasgow's finest dog-friendly pubs.Some of Glasgow's finest dog-friendly pubs.
Some of Glasgow's finest dog-friendly pubs.

Glasgow Dog Friendly Pubs 2023: Here are 10 perfect places in Scotland's biggest city to go for a post-walk drink with your adorable pup

What’s better than going to the pub? Going to the pub with a dog!

Pet ownership in the UK surged during the global pandemic and has shown little sign of letting up, with a huge 62 per cent of homes in Britain having at least one pet as of 2022.

Dogs are the most popular pet, with over a third of households having a canine pal – equating to a total of around 13 million pups across the country.

With pet owners spending an estimated £10 billion every year on their dogs, it’s a massive growth industry that has now spread to the hopitality sector.

It’s now commonplace to see signs outside pubs, cafes and even restaurants welcoming dog owners – with some offering treats, blankets, bowls of water and even dog-friendly ‘beers’ and ‘coffees’ (puppuccino anyone?).

So, we thought we’d look at a few places to stop for a drink with your pup in Glasgow – whether it’s walkies in the West End, playing fetch at Glasgow Green, or a day out in the southside.

Here are 10 of Glasgow’s most dog-friendly pubs.

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