Why the robin has become Britain’s favourite bird

The beautiful, territorial and loving robin has been crowned as the UK’s favourite national bird. Team members at Nokular Bird Food, who spend a lot of timing speaking to customers about their favourite birds, find out why.

Do you know why the robin will be on our cards this Christmas?
Do you know why the robin will be on our cards this Christmas?

In a poll of over 224,000 people, the UK population cast their ballot in the National Bird Vote and crowned the robin as Britain’s favourite bird. The wonderful robin won by a significant margin, taking 34% of the vote from a shortlist of 10 of Britain’s most familiar and beloved birds.

That was in 2015 but when the team over at Nokular Bird Food hear stories about their customers’ favourite birds, the beloved robin comes up time and time again . . . This left us thinking, what is it about robins that makes them so lovable?

Well, firstly one just has to look at a robin’s character and smile. With its confiding nature and attractive plumage, the distinctive orangey-red breast is a feat in itself. Flitting about the garden and unafraid of human closeness, robins sing brightly and boldly throughout the year, populating our gardens with song and movement even on the direst winter days. These spirited and lively birds offer us a connection with nature, a moment of contact and contemplation.

What makes the robin Britain’s favourite bird?

Despite their beautiful exterior and sweet reputations though, rather like us humans, robins too can have a darker side! They are fiercely and aggressively territorial birds. The sole purpose of the famous red chest is defensive – a warning and power statement.

If you listen very carefully, you will also notice that a robin’s song changes throughout the year. In the springtime, it is bold, bright and confident. The birds are portraying power and attractiveness. In the autumn, the song changes to a more melancholy and slightly subdued tone. The goal of the robin is no longer to be liked, but to fiercely defend their territory.

When it comes to Christmas, a time for faith and family, our dear robin is the bird most associated with the festive season. History reveals that when the first Christmas cards were sent in the mid-19th century, they were delivered by postmen wearing bright red coats. These postmen soon became nicknamed ‘robin’ or ‘redbreasts’ and the most popular early cards depicted robins carrying letters in their beaks!

Finally, and perhaps the most endearing reason to get behind the beloved robin is our association with our own loved ones. The well-known phrase, ‘When robins appear, loved ones are near,’ alludes to the belief that the robin is a messenger. Reminding us of those dearest to us, the daily visit of the robin brings warmth, connection and comfort.

It’s hard not to smile when you see them and it is a bird that has united our nation. Robins are lovers of mealworms all year round and you can join the team at Nokular, and indeed the British population, in celebrating the magic and wonder that is the beautiful British robin.

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