Stunning landscapes come as standard in the Cairngorms National Park

Free Activities in Scotland 2022: Here are 6 school holiday treats you can enjoy in the Cairngorms that won't cost you a penny

With the cost of living crisis continuing, the Cairngorms National Park offers a number of family activities that won’t get you reaching for your wallet.

Families across the country might be tightening their belts but that doesn’t mean day trips and short breaks have to stop.

With a little planning it’s possible to see some of the country’s most beautiful sports – and enjoy a range of activities – with no need for expensive admission fees or tickets.

With its vast open spaces featuring some of the world’s most breathtaking scenery, the Cairngorms is a place to marvel, and what’s more it can be done on a very low budget.

Here are just some of the brilliant things to see and do in the Cairngorms National Park which are completely free.

For more inspiration on what to see and do in the Cairngorms head to the Visit Cairngorms website.

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