What shops are open today? What time does Asda close today? List of stores open on Boxing Day 2022

Got some post-Christmas shopping to get done today? Here’s a useful list of all the stores’ opening times on Boxing Day.

Christmas has wrapped up for another year which means returning to post-festivity once more, and for many that means restocking food supplies after the hefty feasts we enjoyed yesterday. Be warned, however, that on Boxing Day many supermarkets operate at reduced hours or may be closed altogether, so don’t waste a trip on nothing.

Fortunately, not all supermarkets will be closed and stores such as Asda, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco, Co-op and Sainsbury’s will be open today. Continue reading to see which stores won’t open today and the opening hours for those that will as you plan out your post-Christmas shops.

Which supermarkets are open today?

Here's a list of which supermarkets are open on Boxing Day 2022 and which are closed.Here's a list of which supermarkets are open on Boxing Day 2022 and which are closed.
Here's a list of which supermarkets are open on Boxing Day 2022 and which are closed.


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Asda supermarkets will operate at reduced hours on Boxing Day with most open from 9am - 6pm. From December 27, their stores are expected to resume their regular 7am - 10pm schedule. To find out your local Asda’s opening hours today you can use their Store Finder.


Lidl will be open today but operate within reduced hours, most stores should open from 10am - 4pm with regular hours to resume by December 27. To learn what your local Lidl’s opening hours are today you can use their Store Locator.


Most Morrisons supermarkets will open today from roughly 9am - 6pm, and stores should resume their regular 7am - 11pm schedule on December 27. To discover your nearby Morrisons’ opening hours you can use their Store Locator tool.


Tesco stores are a mixed bag today with some larger and smaller stores open while others stay closed. Their availability is location-dependent so to find out if your local store is open please use Tesco’s online store locator to check opening hours.


Co-op stores will be open today with the majority operating from 8am - 8pm. You can use the Co-op’s Store Finder to check your local store’s opening hours today.


Larger Sainsbury’s supermarkets will open from 10am - 6pm while smaller stores will operate from 9am - 6pm, on December 27 the supermarket will open from 8am - 8pm. Opening hours for your local Sainsbury’s can be found using their Store Locator.

Which supermarkets are closed today?

Popular supermarkets including Aldi, Waitrose, Iceland and M&S have decided to stay closed on Boxing Day so that their staff members can relax during the festive break.



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