These are the perfect hotels to retire to after enjoying a tasting at one of Scotland's famous whisky distilleries.

Scottish Whisky Distillery Holidays: Here are 13 hotels perfect to spend a night at following a tour and a tasting

There will be no need for a designated driver to take you home after a distillery tour if you stay at these great hotels.

Scotland’s whisky distilleries are one of the country’s most popular tourist attractions.

The only problem is that after touring the distillery and learning how the whisky is made it’s essential to taste some of the product itself, making it impossible to drive.

The simple solution is to stay at a hotel nearby, letting you enjoy the fruits of the distiller’s labour without worrying about how to get home.

Here are the best hotels to stay at near 13 of Scotland’s most highly-rated distillery tours according to TripAdvisor.

They can be booked at

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