Nuclear powered flying hotel: is Youtube video of luxury vessel real, who created it, what do people think?

The futuristic hotel could be piloted by artificial intelligence, according to the designers

A video showing ambitious designs for a “flying hotel” that can stay airborne for years has divided opinion on social media.

The video shows a futuristic “hotel of the future”, according to the description, which will supposedly “never run out of fuel and can remain suspended in the air for several years without ever touching the ground”.

The hotel itself, called a “sky cruise”, looks like a cross between a luxury cruise ship and a space station, and can be seen floating above the clouds.

So, where has the video come from, what exactly does it show, is the hotel real and how does the technology work?

Here’s what you need to know.

The “sky cruise” which looks like a cross between a luxury cruise ship and a space station, and can be seen floating above the clouds, has divided opinion on Youtube.

What does the video show?

The video shows a spectacular hotel, which is described as a leisure holiday destination similar to a luxury cruise ship, floating above the clouds.

You can see the video for yourself below.

What does the hotel look like, and what facilities does it have?

A voiceover in the video can be heard highlighting the hotel’s impressive facilities, including multiple bars and restaurants, swimming pools, viewing decks, cinemas and theatres and games rooms.

For engaged couples, it’s also been pitched as a breathtaking wedding venue where they could get married above the clouds.

Is the hotel real?

No, sadly the hotel is not real.

The impressive images of the hotel have been created by CGI (Computer Generated Image) technology.

It is hoped by the designers that the hotel could be made a reality in the future.

Who has the hotel been created by and where has the video come from?

The CGI video of the “sky cruise” hotel was posted on Youtube by animator Hashem Al-Ghaili on YouTube.

The hotel itself has been designed by a designer called Tony Holmsten and the video has been animated by Al-Ghaili.

How would the hotel function?

The cruiser would be powered by nuclear energy, piloted by artificial intelligence (AI), and could host 5,000 guests, according to the designers.

As well as steering the ship, the video claims AI would predict and prevent any turbulence, enabling the hotel to “glide over the turbulence with ease”

The designers also say it would have its own disc-shaped observation tower in which passengers could see incredible skyscapes from above the clouds.

It’s claimed that the floating vessel would stay airborne for years at a time, and passengers and supplies could travel to and from it via electric commercial or private jets which could land on the top of the cruiser.

The designers allege that, if created, it would have no carbon footprint as it would have 20 electric engines to “provide clean, nuclear energy”.

They state: “Thanks to nuclear energy, the hotel never runs out of fuel and can remain suspended in the air for several years without ever touching the ground.”

How have people reacted to the video?

Opinion on the futuristic vessel has been divided on the internet.

People took to the comments on the Youtube video to share their views.

One person said that the laws of science mean it could never actually exist

“If physics and aerodynamics didn’t exist, then this vessel might actually be able to take off.”

Another questioned how many staff members would be needed, in theory, to look after the hotel.

“That thing is massive, it’s at least 20 times larger than any commercial aeroplane. I can’t even imagine the amount of maintenance something this massive would need. And how many pilots would you need to fly that thing??”

One person, however, said the design was still “impressive”.

“It’s actually impressive even in just representation. This is technically possible if it will be able to produce enough speed and thrust to fly, but I’m certain this aircraft would require a lot of those two things.”

Another person added: “I would much rather prefer a nuclear airship, as the space available will be far greater, but nethertheless, the creativity behind the idea is wonderful and I hope the planners get somewhere someday.”