Do you have to wear masks on planes? Face mask rules explained for Ryanair, easyJet, British Airways and more

Rules on masks and face coverings vary between airlines in the UK

The Summer Holidays are on the horizon and many Brits will already be thinking about their upcoming break and holiday.

With guidance on mask wearing, proof of vaccination status, and quarantine rules changing all the time it can be hard to keep up.

What are the current rules on wearing a mask at airports and on a flight with UK airlines?

Here is everything you need to know.

British Airways do not require passengers to wear a face mask on certain flights

What are the rules for wearing a mask on UK airlines?


Ryanair has announced it would drop mandatory face masks on EU flights from May 1 in line with the latest EU Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) guidance.

If you are travelling to, from, or within Germany, it must be a FFP2 face mask.

Flights to Spain still require wearing a face mask.

On arrival at your destination you should keep your mask on until you have left the airport terminal.


Masks are optional on a small number of easyJet flights but are required in most cases.

On flights to, from and within Germany all passengers aged six and over are required to wear a FFP2 mask when they fly.

On flights, to, from and within Egypt, Jordan, Kosovo, Montenegro, Morocco, North Macedonia, Portugal, Spain, and Tunisia, all passengers ged 6 and over need to wear a suitable face mask (no scarves, face visors or masks with valves) when they fly.

For all other routes It may be helpful to have a mask with you, but wearing a mask is optional and your choice will be respected.

Those who are exempt from wearing a face mask should contact the airline to inform them before flying on any route that requires a mask to be worn.

British Airways

You will be required to wear a mask to disembark the aircraft and at your arrival airport with British Airways if the destination you are flying to requires it.

For most destinations you will be required to wear a mask on board the flight and in the terminal.

To check if your destination requires a mask to fly check British Airways’ Covid-19 Travel Hub.

Face masks are no longer a legal requirement at English airports


Masks are not required at airports or on Jet2 planes in England and Northern Ireland, but Jet2 recommends that travellers continue to wear them.

In Scotland, it’s no longer a legal requirement to wear masks in Scottish airports and on flights to and from those airports, however passengers are still encouraged to wear them.

If you are unable to wear a mask you should let the airline know in advance and provide proof of exemption to be able to travel.

For travel abroad you will need to wear a mask when you leave the plane, inside the airport, and on board Jet2 transfers to and from your accommodation.

When masks are required they must be medical style or fitted face masks, and they must be in accordance with the mask mandates of the country you are travelling to.

TUI Airlines

Face masks will no longer be a legal requirement on TUI Airways flights to/from England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales, however in line with UK government and EU Charter guidance, the airline strongly recommend that you still wear a mask throughout your flight.

If you are flying with one of TUI’s partner airlines, you should check their website for their rules on masks.

Sunflower lanyards will not be accepted as evidence of a medical exemption.

Travel advice for all UK airlines

As the pandemic continues, rules are liable to change at short notice, so always check the relevant airline’s website before travelling.

FFP2 face masks are accepted everywhere so, if in doubt about the type of mask you should wear, this is the best option.