Abusive partner terrorises ex from inside prison

A DOMESTIC abuser who was jailed for battering his partner went on to carry on stalking her and make death threats from his prison cell.
Marc Brand was serving time inside Perth Prison. Picture: Neil HannaMarc Brand was serving time inside Perth Prison. Picture: Neil Hanna
Marc Brand was serving time inside Perth Prison. Picture: Neil Hanna

Marc Brand, 22, was jailed for two years yesterday after he admitted waging a campaign of hate against Carrie Lindsay from inside Perth Prison.

A further 12 month supervised release order was imposed on Brand as a sheriff told him he had “a horrific record” and posed a danger to the public at large.

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Sheriff Lindsay Foulis noted Brand had 18 previous assault convictions, along with numerous other convictions for having weapons, domestic abuse and breaching the peace.

Sheriff Foulis said: “You might consider that to be a badge of honour, but any person looking at it logically, would consider that your record - for a 22-year-old - is somewhat horrific.

“I do consider you pose a serious risk of serious harm and to protect the public from such harm I am going to make you the subject of a supervised release order.”

Brand threatened to kill Ms Lindsay as he taunted her with a barrage of abusive letters and phone calls from inside Perth Prison over several months.

He carried on stalking her from behind bars for over three months and was only arrested when he was released from prison on 23 May this year.

Fiscal depute Carol Whyte told the court that Brand warned Ms Lindsay he would “kill and bury her” if he discovered she had met another man while he was in prison.

He said: “I’ll get ten years, be out in five years for a crime of passion, get home visits in 8 months into that - I can do that, easy.

“You mean the world to me baby and don’t you forget it. I will leave you in a pool of blood. You better not have done anything or I will bury you.

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“Has anyone come on to you? Was it Dylan? Wee Dylan is away to be a punching bag. He’s a dead man. I’m going to kill you too.”

Prosecutor Ms Whyte said the couple had been in a relationship for five years until she decided to end it in October last year when he was locked up for assaulting her.

She said: “She took the opportunity to end the relationship, albeit she did not inform him of her decision.

“He repeatedly telephoned and wrote, telling her to stop seeing friends and visit him more often.

“In February she began a relationship with another male. The accused became suspicious and started threatening her. There were numerous calls from the prison between February and May.”

The court heard Ms Lindsay was flooded with spiteful calls and letters from Perth Prison until he was arrested outside the jail on the morning he was released from prison.

Brand admitted to the officers that he had threatened his ex-girlfriend but claimed he had no intention of carrying out any of them.

He said: “How can it be stalking if it’s a one way street?”

Brand, from Dundee, admitted stalking Carrie Lindsay between 1 October last year and 23 May at the jail and at addresses in Dundee and Brechin.

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He admitted causing fear and alarm by sending her letters with threatening and abusive content and repeatedly making telephone calls containing similar content.

Solicitor Bob Bruce, defending, said: “Being the recipient of these phone calls and letters was clearly an unpleasant experience.

“He is not brilliant at coping in certain situations. He is a somewhat troubled character.

“When he found out she was seeing someone else he reacted inappropriately. It’s his position they were empty threats. It was done at the ending of this romantic relationship.”