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RECOMMENDS is a prolific promoter of Scottish places. The festive season is traditionally a time for fun and name-games. Toponymy is the study of place names. Wrap all this up and here's a cracker of a wonderful winterval Scottish toponymic quiz, a feast for the brain. It's the game of the name, as Abba might have said.

The answers to 1-20 are found within Scottish place names. 1-10 are of this form: Where in Scotland will you find a gem? Answer: Gran(gem)outh. 10-20 are less direct: Where in Scotland will you find a small kangaroo? Answer: In T(roo)n. 21-30 are like cryptic crossword clues but with no pesky little boxes. All answers are fairly well-known places.

WHERE IN SCOTLAND WILL YOU FIND: 1. the truth; 2. a belt; 3. a bell; 4. a rhea; 5. a lens; 6. dross; 7. twill; 8. a din; 9. a rod; 10. a deb?

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AND WHERE WILL YOU FIND: 11. Mr Simpson Jr; 12. a European moose; 13. a division of the school year; 14. New Zealand butter; 15. a slag heap; 16. a sea eagle; 17. Florence's river; 18. an airborne assault trooper; 19. a Scottish cold; 20. eye thatch?

MORE CRYPTIC: 21. Watch your gob (8) 22. Its residents look up to the Law (and eat cake) (6) 23. No prohibition in this port (4) 24. Sounds like endless passionate desire (4) 25. You'll find a burger and plum pudding here (7) 26. Slow movement but reaches Fife (5) 27. Prohibit loud noise along the Moray Coast (5) 28. Could be a drug-free football or cricket team (5) 29. Find an atmosphere here? (3) 30. If pronounced properly it's a chap (possibly on a bonfire) who thinks things over (9)

Answers (there may be more than one correct answer to 1 – 20): 1 Anstruther; 2 Campbeltown; 3 Portobello 4 Peterhead; 5 Helensburgh; 6 Ardrossan; 7 Fort William; 8 Edinburgh or Haddington; 9 Brodick; 10 Clydebank; 11 Dumbarton (Bart); 12 Selkirk (elk); 13 Auchtermuchty (term); 14 Banchory (Anchor); 15 Abington (bing); 16 Inverness (erne); 17 Kilmarnock (Arno); 18 Coupar Angus (para); 19 Kirkcaldy (cald); 20 Galashiels (lash); 21 Eyemouth; 22 Dundee; 23 Oban; 24 Luss; 25 Macduff; 26 Largo; 27 Banff; 28 Leven; 29 Ayr; 30 Milngavie.

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