Could Taggart be returning as a prequel?

The creator of Prime suspect Lynda La Plante has reportedly urged STV bosses to go back in time and relaunch Taggart as a prequel
Could a prequel work?Could a prequel work?
Could a prequel work?

The writer of the smash-hit 90s TV series wants to relaunch Taggart as a prequel — the same way she reinvented detective Jane Tennison. with 26-year-old Stefanie Martini, in the lead role that was once played by Helen Mirren.

Lynda, told The Sun: “I loved Taggart.

“The whole show was driven by the fabulous actor in Mark McManus. He put the pace and character into it. He was utterly brilliant and made it a fantastic series.

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“They should do a prequel, with a young Taggart. I would love to know what he was like before he got to be so brusque and tough.

“That’s exactly what STV should do. People would love that.”

“Nothing they replaced it with has been as good or as strong.”

Taggart was the UK’s longest-running detective show until it was axed in 2010.