Dog that attacked police officer euthanised after leaving teenage boy scarred for life in Edinburgh attack

A dog whose life was spared after it attacked a police officer has finally been put down after allegedly leaving a teenage boy scarred for life in a second horror attack.

The Rottweiler Bulldog-cross named Archie was said to have attacked the 13-year-old boy, causing him serious injury and permanent scarring to his face in November last year.

Owner Sharon Fyfe was due to appear at court last week to face charges of being in control of a dog that was dangerously out of control at her home in the Pleasance area of Edinburgh,

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But the case against the 60-year-old pet owner was suddenly dropped by prosecutors after it emerged the animal had been euthanised by a vet on September 4.

The dog involved in the attacksThe dog involved in the attacks
The dog involved in the attacks
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Fyfe took to social media last week to vent her anger after her beloved pet had been destroyed following the alleged attack on the boy.

She posted: “My heart is breaking. My Archie baby went to the Eternal Sleep on Saturday morning.

“I know he was a bad boy and couldn’t come back to me unless I won the Lottery. Tried my every fibre in ma (sic) body to get him to a rescue centre.

The dog involved in the attacksThe dog involved in the attacks
The dog involved in the attacks

“The Court was having none of [it]. Then the PF [and the] sheriff agreed I could see him before he died.

“I know I have to pick myself up and have a good shake – I will. Thanks to everyone who stuck by me n Archie baby. Sweet dreams xx.”

The alleged attack on the teen was said to have occurred just 15 months after the dog left PC Shona Mackay with permanent scars after it attacked her while she attended at Fyfe’s home.

Police officers had been called out to deal with a noise complaint and had been met at the front door of the flat by Fyfe in August 2019.

Owner Sharon Fyfe leaves courtOwner Sharon Fyfe leaves court
Owner Sharon Fyfe leaves court
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But while they spoke to Fyfe, her dog ran past her and launched an attack on PC Mackay and savagely bit her on the leg.

The constable was rushed to the Capital’s Royal Infirmary where she received a tetanus shot and antibiotics from medics.

Fyfe then appeared at Edinburgh Sheriff Court later that year accused of being the owner of the dog that was a dangerously out of control and bit the PC to her injury and permanent disfigurement.

The court was told the officer suffered two puncture wounds to her thigh and also had three large scratches on her leg.

Prosecutor Alistair Miller said PC Mackay would be permanently scarred due to the dog attack, which took place on August 6, 2019.

Archie spent six months in kennels following the attack on the officer, but was eventually returned to Fyfe who was subsequently admonished on the charge.