Scots killer jailed for life after stabbing friend 40 times

A killer who brutally knifed a friend to death after inflicting at least 40 stab wounds on him was jailed for life yesterday.
High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh. File picture: Ian GeorgesonHigh Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh. File picture: Ian Georgeson
High Court of Justiciary, Edinburgh. File picture: Ian Georgeson

Gavin Riley, 28, was ordered to serve at least 17 years in prison for the murder of William Gibb, 47, in the victim’s own home.

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Boyd of Duncansby said the injuries inflicted on the victim were “truly horrific”. The judge pointed out Riley had been assessed as posing “the maximum risk to the public”. He said: “I note you claim to have no recollection of what you did because of the level of your intoxication.

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Following the attack Riley told another man to get a chainsaw so he could cut up the victim’s body but he went to alert the emergency services.

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Riley was taken to a police station and had blood on all his clothing, hands and head. A knife was found inside his trousers.

The killer, who has a previous serious assault conviction for a bottle attack, had been friendly with Mr Gibb who was 5ft 5in tall and weighed just over seven stones.

Riley bought cider on the day of the attack and invited an acquaintance Andrew McIntyre “to a pal’s upstairs”.

They went to Mr Gibb’s home in the Ibrox area of Glasgow and spent hours chatting.

Riley and Mr Gibb ran out of drink and the killer told his victim to buy another bottle, which he did. Shortly after his return Riley dragged the Mr Gibb onto the floor and repeatedly punched him on the face.

Mr Gibb said: “What are you doing? I’m your friend.” Riley then told the older man to punch him. He told Mr Gibb: “If you don’t hit me I will hit you.” He then threw him to the floor before hitting him in the face with an ashtray and striking him over the head with a table.

Riley briefly left the flat and returned again with a kitchen knife. He began repeatedly stabbing the victim in the back, legs and buttocks. He then knifed him on the left side of his body and slashed his neck.

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Riley tried to wrap the victim in a rug, but had difficulty. He told Mr McIntyre to get a chainsaw, but he went to a nearby close to ask residents to call the police.

When police arrived Riley tried to make a run for it but was chased and caught.