Danny Baker tells of 'shame' over career

DJ AND presenter Danny Baker has admitted large chunks of his career were "an appalling waste of time".

Baker, who recently returned to work after being treated for cancer, said he felt "a distant shame" about his career in showbusiness.

In an interview to be broadcast on Radio 4's Desert Island Discs today, he said "this nitwit culture we have" allowed him to use his "gift for exploiting my personality".

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Baker made his name as a journalist on the punk fanzine Sniffin' Glue before going on to work at NME and launching a career in television and radio.

He told Desert Island Discs' presenter Kirsty Young: "I don't feel that's somehow lucky when you look around at some of the halfwits and boss-eyed bozos who people this business.

"So all of this is an anthill that somebody has kicked over and I happen to be one of the more bumptious ants."

He added: "Some of the television shows I've done have been an appalling waste of time… My mind is whizzing with them. A show called The Bottom Line that was no good, I've done a thing called Sitcom Showdown that was ridiculous.

"But anything you do, especially in this game, you stand out there with half a chance but you don't think: 'That represents me'."