Doctors take blade message into city schools

THE latest initiative to tackle Scotland's knife culture was launched today by doctors who have pledged to give up their time to visit schools and educate youngsters on the effects of knife crime.

Justice Secretary Kenny MacAskill and Health Secretary Nicola Sturgeon gave their backing to Medics Against Violence, which has 65 doctors signed up to the scheme. The initiative, supported by the national Violence Reduction Unit and the World Health Organisation as part of their Violence Prevention Alliance, is funded by 80,000 of government cash.

The launch took place in Glasgow, but organisers are keen to extend the scheme to the rest of the country, including Edinburgh.

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Project organiser Dr Christine Goodall said: "Healthcare workers see the outcomes of these attacks every day. We see how they can ruin lives, not only of the victims, but of their families and friends.

"Scars caused by knives and other weapons run much deeper than what we see on the surface – they imprint on every part of a victim's life, from personal relationships to getting a job."