Edinburgh oarsman due to smash record for Atlantic crossing

HE is already one of the most decorated athletes in his field...or rather ocean.

But when Edinburgh oarsman Leven Brown and his three crew from Artemis Investments dock at Falmouth today after a gruelling 44 days on the North Atlantic, he will have smashed the longest-standing ocean

rowing record in the world.

Crossing the treacherous route from New York to Scilly distance covered in 24 hours, clocking 118 nautical miles.

But eclipsing the 19th century record is the main prize.

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With four sea-going world records already under his belt, including fastest solo crossing of the Atlantic, longest distance covered in 24 hours and most consecutive days over 100 miles, Mr Brown is generally considered the top skipper in the ocean rowing world.

He now has 10,000 open ocean miles of rowing experience amassing

more than 400 days at sea.

Speaking to the Evening News 73 nautical miles from the finish line, an exhausted Mr Brown offered an insight into his epic voyage.

"All things being equal we should arrive on Saturday, but there's still a lot that can happen in a transatlantic expedition

even supposedly one day from the end.

"It's the longest standing ocean rowing record in history and we are lucky to have a shot at it."

Asked what was the most treacherous moment in the crossing, he replied: "By far it was when we capsized a couple of times. We were caught in a force 7 gale gusting to 9 and 10 and the boat went over very

suddenly and a man went overboard.

As soon as we saw him disappear into the ocean it was automatic pilot to recover him.

It's a dangerous journey and we have been lucky to come out

the other end."

As well as seeing his family's "smiling faces", Mr Brown said

"proper food" was a priority back on terra firma.

"The general consensus is anything with chips," joked the

adventurer. "You miss carbohydrates so much."

The race clock will stop at Scilly Isles but Artemis Investments

is expected to dock at Falmouth in Cornwall this afternoon.