Scotland's weather: Mini heatwave forecast for coming week

Scots will be basking in unseasonably warm weather as a mini heatwave is forecast to hit the country this week.
Scotland is set to enjoy unseasonably warm weather. Picture: Ian GeorgesonScotland is set to enjoy unseasonably warm weather. Picture: Ian Georgeson
Scotland is set to enjoy unseasonably warm weather. Picture: Ian Georgeson

Temperatures are predicted to soar four or five degrees above the seasonal average, reaching 23C in some areas.

The north and east are likely to see the best of the fine weather, which is expected to last until the weekend.

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Today will start out cloudy for most, with outbreaks of mainly light rain in places.

But the weather will brighten as the day wears on and temperatures could reach up to 21C in the sunniest parts.

Tuesday looks set to be the hottest day of the week, possibly hitting 23C in the east.

Met Office forecaster Ian Robinson said: “The best of any brighter spells on Monday will be across northern Aberdeenshire, Moray, up towards Caithness and perhaps even Shetland. For many western areas and central parts it’s a cloudy day with outbreaks of light rain.

“Temperatures in the brighter areas could be up to around 20C, maybe 21C. Under the cloudier conditions it will still feel reasonably humid, with temperatures of 18C or 19C.”

Tuesday will also start off cloudy, with a possibility of showers across the south and west, but it is expected to clear up as the morning goes on.

Mr Robinson added: “The best of the sunshine through the day will be across Aberdeenshire, Angus and perhaps down into Fife. Aberdeenshire could see temperatures of 22C, perhaps even 23C.

“There will be a south-westerly breeze, but nothing particularly strong, which is why eastern parts are faring better than the west.”

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Conditions across Scotland will be fairly humid for most of the week, with some regions seeing patchy rain. Heavier downpours are likely over higher ground.

Thursday will be another warm day, though some places will see a lot of cloud and outbreaks of mainly light rain.

“Again, we could see the odd heavier burst, especially later in the day,” Mr Robinson said.

“There will also be some sunshine around – especially across southern and more northern parts of the country, particularly early in the day.

“Temperature-wise the Moray Firth and the far north could see temperatures around 20C or 21C. Glasgow and perhaps even Edinburgh might reach 21C or 22C.”

Provisional statistics from the Met Office show this summer has been wet but also warmer than average.

Scotland experienced a heatwave in May, with temperatures in some places shooting up to double the levels normally seen at that time of year.

The Outer Isles and northwest Highlands enjoyed temperatures soaring to 27C.