Top QC posts on Twitter that he clubbed a fox to death while wearing a kimono on Boxing Day

A prominent lawyer has come under fire from the RSPCA after posting online that he had clubbed a fox to death on Boxing Day morning while wearing his wife's kimono.
Mr Maugham has since apologised for the incident. Picture: PAMr Maugham has since apologised for the incident. Picture: PA
Mr Maugham has since apologised for the incident. Picture: PA

Jolyon Maugham QC, who is known for having spearheaded a campaign to try to mount a legal challenge to see if Brexit can be reversed, tweeted: "Already this morning I have killed a fox with a baseball bat. How's your Boxing Day going?"

He then revealed that he had been wearing his wife's kimono and had been nursing a hangover at the time.

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The post caused something of a stir online with the official RSPCA account for England and Wales describing it as "distressing" and urging anyone with "firsthand knowledge" to report it to them, while others took to the replying that he should be prosecuted.

Mr Maugham, who has since apologised for the tweet, stood by his actions claiming that "many or most Councils in London treat foxes as an urban pest" and adding that at least one recommends clubbing them - according to a local MP.

When asked why he didn't just free the fox, which had become entangled in the QC's chicken coop in his garden in central London, he responded: "If you haven't been up close to a large trapped fox, perhaps reserve judgment."

He then stated that he did not relish killing the animal and finished by adding that in the interest of those concerned that he had "broken the law" by killing the animal he had called and spoke to the RSPCA and left his contact details.

The incident has led to the creation of the trending hashtag #JolyonTheFoxKiller and seen thousands of people posting condemnation.