German bakery worker speaks out about alleged sighting of missing Scot

A worker at a bakery outside Hamburg has spoken about an alleged sighting of missing Liam Colgan.
Liam Colgan went missing on a stag weekend in HamburgLiam Colgan went missing on a stag weekend in Hamburg
Liam Colgan went missing on a stag weekend in Hamburg
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Reports of fresh sighting of missing Liam Colgan in Hamburg

Bettina Diwinski told the Sunday Mail newspaper that a colleague was “certain” Mr Colgan visited Dietz bakers in Buxtehude on Wednesday - four days after he vanished.

The 29-year-old from Inverness was on his brother’s stag weekend in Hamburg when he disappeared in the early hours of February 10.

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Police have launched a search, while Mr Colgan’s friends have set up a Facebook page and a Twitter account to appeal for information.

Ms Diwinski told the newspaper: “We saw a photograph of the man in the newspapers and we realised he had been here.

“One of my colleagues is certain she saw him.

“He looked lost and confused and then he left the shop. He looked lonely.”

Her comments follow reports of other alleged sightings of Mr Colgan in Buxtehude, a town which lies around 15 miles south of Hamburg.

Mr Colgan’s brother Eamonn raised the alarm on Saturday when he woke up and discovered his brother was not in the room they were sharing.

He had not been seen since he left the Veermaster bar in the Reeperbahn district of Hamburg at about 1.30am.

He called police in Hamburg who have since been in contact with hospitals and taxi companies and have interviewed witnesses.

Search dogs have also been used and Liam’s picture circulated online and to media outlets.