Go to Townin style

IT will soon be time to cast aside our summer frocks, bag up our hot pants and fold away our vest tops.

With the autumn/winter months not too far around the corner, take the opportunity now to think about investing in some bulkier key pieces to see us through to spring.

As depressing as that sounds, there is actually reason to be cheerful.

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“The autumn/winter months are the best time for the people of Edinburgh to be glamorous,” explains Karina Baldorf, owner of Kakao by K on Thistle Street.

“We get the opportunity to layer our outfits and show off classic, tailored styles. Edinburgh in summer is harder. It’s not easy to look good in a lightweight dress when you’re shivering.”

We caught up with Karina and her team of stylists as they took to the New Town to show off the boutique’s new collection, catching the eyes of passers-by as they staged a pop-up fashion show.

“Last season was a lot about elegance and timeless pieces,” says Karina, who is celebrating the third anniversary of her boutique.

“A lot of that will continue into the autumn/winter. We’ll be seeing a lot of faux fur, which is ideal for the Edinburgh weather. Working it into your wardrobe will add texture to an outfit, and it works very well over dresses and shirts. Not only that, but it is cosy.”

If you’re a fan of the 1960s, expect to see its influence shining through next season, with lots of shift dresses, colour blocking and bold prints to add a little colour to the dreary months.

So don’t be down, be inventive this autumn/winter. Accessorise your outfits with cute scarves and gloves, add a little lace and think glamour, even if the wind and rain are determined to spoil your fun.

“Invest in one or two pieces and work your outfits around them,” says Karina. “Securing a fun, stylish wardrobe needn’t cost a fortune.”