Grenfell heart: where to get Green Heart for Grenfell logo - and why do people wear green on anniversary?

A series of memorial events will be held today to mark the fifth anniversary of the tower block blaze in west London

The Grenfell Tower community is to come together in memory of those who died when a fire engulfed the residential tower block in west London on 14 June 2017.

The green heart-shaped symbol is used to remember victims of the Grenfell fire (Photo: Getty Images)

A service was held at Westminster Abbey on Tuesday morning, where the names of the victims were read out and tributes paid, and roses will be laid on the Innocent Victims’ Memorial.

After each group of names was read out, the congregation said in unison “Forever in our hearts” – the phrase emblazoned across the top of the covered-up tower in north Kensington.

Attendees included former prime minister Theresa May, London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Housing Secretary Michael Gove, building safety and fire minister Stephen Greenhalgh, and shadow housing secretary Lisa Nandy.

At 2pm a 72-second silence will be observed at Westfield shopping centre, after which the names of the 72 victims will be read out over the public address system, and cording around the tower in north Kensington will be removed later in the afternoon to allow survivors, the bereaved and community groups to gather at its base for a multifaith service and lay flowers and wreaths.

In the evening, firefighters from across the country will then form a guard of honour as members of the community take part in a silent walk starting from the base of the tower.

Those who are not attending any events to mark the anniversary can still show their support for the victims, with people encouraged to unite in wearing green, don a green heart badge, or add a green heart emoji to their social media profile.

Why do people wear green on the Grenfell anniversary?

The colour green has come to represent the Grenfell Tower tragedy as several buildings in London, and across the UK, were lit up in green at 54 minutes past midnight on 14 June, on the first anniversary of the fire.

The time represented the first 999 call made to police to report the fire.

Grenfell Tower was lit up green to remember those who died in the blaze (Photo: Getty Images)

Grenfell Tower, along with 12 other tower blocks close by, 10 Downing Street and Kensington Palace, among others, were lit up green to remember those who died in the blaze, and they remained green until 5am.

The word Grenfell is an adaptation of the words "green field" which led to the colour green being chosen to mark the anniversary.

A green heart-shaped badge was also created as a way to remember the victims of the fire, and it is meant to serve as a symbol of “hope, unity and love - and to remember those that were lost”.

In a statement when the badge was first made, the Grenfell Speaks organisation wrote on Facebook: “We created the “Green Heart for Grenfell” memorial lapel pins to remember all those affected by the Grenfell Tower tragedy.

“We wanted the green heart to be a Symbol of hope, unity and love - and to remember those that were lost on 14th June 2017.”

A post on Twitter added: “The green heart symbol that has become synonymous with the #Grenfell community takes its place beside the message as a reminder to all that see it.”

Where can I get a Grenfell green heart?

The green heart badges are not available to buy online or in stores, but the Grenfell Speaks website began giving them out back in 2017 to anyone who emailed in and asked for one.

A new infinity heart pin was made to mark the fifth anniversary this year and was made available to the local North Kensington Community.

People were invited to pick up a pin at a London address, but only a limited number were available.

Those who missed out on a pin are instead encouraged to make their own green heart badge to wear, or to simply add a green heart emoji to your social media profile, along with the hashtag #ForeverInOurHearts.

Green For Grenfell is also asking people to show support by wearing green and downloading a green heart template to place in your window to celebrate a local community hero.