Hunt launched to find Scotland's best Elvis impersonator

IT'S all about the hip wiggling, lip quivering and leg shaking.

Edinburgh is set to host a competition to find Scotland's best Elvis impersonator this summer.

Around 20 Elvis hopefuls, all born in Scotland, will audition for the title at the Corn Exchange on Saturday, June 13.

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The event has been organised by the official Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain, in association with the Capital's fan club, Edinburgh Elvis.

Scotland's winner will go on an all-expenses paid trip to compete against his counterparts from England and Ireland.

The three impersonators will perform live at the world-famous Beale Street in Memphis, Tennessee, in front of an audience of around 800 fans on January 8 next year – Elvis' 75th birthday.

Paul Sayers, 49, the branch leader of Edinburgh Elvis, said: "The competition has been organised to keep the memory of Elvis alive, to keep his music going and to attract a younger audience.

"The participants have got to sing an Elvis song of their choice but we are looking for not just the voice, but a bit of Elvis' character, too. We are looking for an Elvis look-alike as well – they have got to play the part."

He added: "There are a lot of fans out there that don't realise how big the Elvis scene is in Britain. There are 40 fan clubs in Britain, four of which are in Scotland."

A panel of judges, including Mr Sayers, will select the top three auditions from the competition, with the audience deciding on the winner.

Todd Slaughter, 63, has been president of the Elvis Presley Fan Club of Great Britain since 1967 and he will also form part of the judging panel at the Corn Exchange.

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He said: "We have been operating the Britain's Best Elvis competition since 2002, but we haven't done auditions in Scotland before.

"It's a very good competition and it will be very entertaining. Appearing on stage in Memphis is every Elvis tribute act's dream."

Elvis impersonator Dave Hurrell will represent England in Memphis after winning the competition in Stoke-on-Trent in January, which around 30 people entered – several of whom were Welsh. The Irish auditions will take place in Dublin on May 1 and 2.

The person who is crowned Great Britain's best Elvis impersonator will earn a place in the world final, which will take place in Memphis in August next year. The actual venue for the event has still to be confirmed.

The Edinburgh competition, called Having Fun on Stage, takes place from 4pm on June 13.

Following the auditions, there will be entertainment until midnight, including a cabaret and an all-Elvis disco. Dance troupe the Memphis Maidens will also recreate a number of routines from a selection of the most spectacular Elvis shows.


BRANCH leader of Edinburgh Elvis, Paul Sayers, will be on the judging panel for the Having Fun on Stage competition. Here he tells the Evening News what judges look for in an Elvis impersonator.

• The voice: You have got to be able to cross over to different vocals. From country to rock 'n' roll to gospel, Elvis sang every type of song.

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• The looks: Elvis was pretty handsome. Impersonators would definitely have to have the same style of hair as Elvis and a nice, smooth look.

• The dancing: You have got to be able to move like Elvis. We would be looking for things like hip swaying and leg shaking.

• The costumes or fashion: Loud clothes like the white eagle jumpsuit, or for a more rock 'n' roll song Elvis tended to wear black leathers.

• Elvis fan: The impersonator would have to be a huge Elvis fan and have a passion to go to Graceland.

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