'Illegal bullets' discovered after hotelier rammed girlfriend's car

A LEADING hotelier rammed his Land Rover at speed into a car occupied by his mistress after discovering she was seeing another man.

James McFarlane, 51, was then caught with more than 700 rounds of illegal ammunition at the exclusive hotel he helped run with his wife.

McFarlane was found with the ammunition at Newmiln House, where he and his estranged wife Elaine have hosted stars including Jude Law, Kate Moss and Liam Neeson.

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The raid on his home was carried out shortly after he flew into a rage on discovering that his girlfriend was secretly seeing another man.

He saw Rachel Morrison, 33, in her new boyfriend David Riley's car and drove straight into it, causing damage to both vehicles.

At Perth Sheriff Court yesterday, McFarlane, of Newmiln House, Guildtown, Perthshire, admitted maliciously damaging the car by driving into it on 12 September.

Miss Morrison was sitting in the Nissan at the time when McFarlane drove into it outside her flat in Perth during the evening.

He also admitted having 561 CCL .22 bullets, which are designed to expand on impact, at his home when it was raided the following day.

And he further admitted having 75 Remington .243 bullets and 84 Mantel .764 bullets without the authority of the Scottish ministers.

Robbie Brown, fiscal depute, told the court: "There had been a relationship between the accused and Miss Morrison."

Solicitor Jamie Morris, defending, said: "Although he is married, he had been separated for some time.

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"He had had a relationship with Miss Morrison and then it had come to an end. It had resumed again, and was a bit on and off."

Mr Morris told the court that the relationship had come to an end since the incident and sentence was deferred until next month for reports.

Miss Morrison, who split from her own husband in November 2005, left court with McFarlane, who describes himself as a farmer.

The McFarlanes are involved in an ongoing international legal dispute with members of the Qatari ruling family, who own Newmiln Estate.

Prince Abdul Aziz al-Thani has applied to the Court of Session to try and remove the McFarlanes from the estate they once owned.

It is claimed the McFarlanes failed to pay the annual rent of 40,000 to live in the luxury hotel since they sold it to the prince in 1999 for 2.3 million.

Prince Abdul reputedly bought the house, which was built by an 18th century jute baron, without viewing it or the 700-acre sporting estate which surrounds it.

He allowed the McFarlanes to stay on as tenants and run the nine-bedroom country house as an upmarket hotel.

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Recent guests have included Kate Moss, Rhys Ifans, John Hurt, Liam Neeson and Jude Law, while Prince Abdul spends around a month each year on holiday in Scotland.

Speaking from his palace in Doha, the prince said at the time: "I love Scotland and the Scottish people. I am delighted to have been able to buy Newmiln."

In response, the McFarlanes claim that Prince Abdul ordered them to carry out work to the gun room which has never been paid for.

Newmiln Estate, which has also hosted Ian Botham and Paul Gascoigne, borders the Earl of Mansfield's Scone Palace estate.

Guests, who pay 2,550 for a three-day break, are welcomed to the location by a piper and can enjoy fishing and shooting in the shadow of Newmiln House. The hotel features antique furniture, log fires, breathtaking views and woodland walks, and caters for parties of up to 18 people.

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