Insulate Britain targets three cities in England in fresh set of demonstrations

The group say it is the seventeenth demonstration in less than two months

Protesters from the Insulate Britain campaign group have launched another set of demonstrations in three cities across England today, in a bid to put pressure on the UK government to insulate Britain’s housing stock.

The group says that “around 60” activists will be disrupting traffic on key roads in London, Manchester and Birmingham in breach of a high court injunction.

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At a glance: 5 key points

  • Insulate Britain activists will disrupt traffic in three cities today, with the affected roads including the M25 J23 in London, the M56 J6 in Manchester, and the A4400 in Birmingham.
  • It is the 17th such action undertaken by Insulate Britain activists in seven weeks, as part of what the group call a “campaign of nonviolent civil resistance”
  • Insulate Britain claims that 161 people have taken part so far, with 770 arrests made.
  • Nine Insulate Britain’s supporters have received summons for injunction breaking and are due to attend court on the 16th November, a further 23 are expected to follow. They face the prospect of unlimited fines and prison sentences for contempt of court.
  • The group’s primary demand is for the Government to “immediately promise to fully fund and take responsibility for the insulation of all social housing in Britain by 2025”
  • Police have said they are responding to the incidents and are asking people to avoid the affected areas if possible

What’s been said?

Insulate Britain activists Gabby, 27, a graphic designer from Norwich, said: “We are taking our message to people outside of London because we want everyone to know that our government is killing our children.

“Britain should be leading the world with radical plans to decarbonise our society, instead our government is actively setting policies that will drive emissions higher. The public can close their eyes but this isn’t going away, no one is coming to save you. We are being betrayed.

She added: “This government is colluding in genocide.”

Biff, 54, a retail worker from Canterbury who is also part of Insulate Britain, said: “I am honoured and privileged to stand in solidarity with my brave friends who have been the first to receive their committal dates; facing unlimited fines and prison sentences for conducting proportionate nonviolent civil resistance to stop our government destroying this country with their cowardice and greed.

“I too have broken the High Court Injunctions several times and I will continue to do so until this treasonous government, supported by heartless and scared journalists, starts to take credible action to safeguard its citizens' lives."

On Twitter, West Midlands Police said: “We’re currently responding to activists on Great Charles Street in #Birmingham city centre.

“We are working to deal with this as quickly as possible.

“Delays are expected and we ask people travelling to avoid the area if possible.”

Greater Manchester Police Tweeted: “We're currently responding to a protest on Wilmslow Road (A538), close to Manchester Airport.

“We're working at the scene to minimise disruption and we'll provide updates in due course.

“Delays are expected & we ask people travelling to avoid the area if possible.