April Fools pranks 2022: best and worst jokes, gags and tricks from brands, newspapers and companies

Were you fooled by any of these April Fools jokes?

<p>Celebrities and politicians got in on the act for April Fools 2022. (All credit: Getty Images)</p>

Celebrities and politicians got in on the act for April Fools 2022. (All credit: Getty Images)

Once again April Fools rolled around and taught us all to take everything with a pinch of salt.

The world of entertainment, newspapers and brands tried their hand at fooling us with elaborate schemes.

However, now every joke or gag was able to trick the audience.

From Ant & Dec’s newest venture to a surprising government appointment, here is the rundown on some of the tricks played on us this year.

Ant & Dec’s crypto scheme

TV’s favourite duo Ant & Dec gave their followers an April Fool in the shape of a surprising new technology venture.

Positioning themselves as the next big thing in the tech world, Ant & Dec told their fans that they were launching a new Bitcoin called ‘Toon Coin’.

The pair claimed that the idea has been in the works since their PJ and Duncan days in the 1990s.

A fake quote from Ant read: “We actually developed Toon Coin back in the early 90s as a way of simplifying the PJ and Duncan gig ticket sales.

“We were on the brink of something then but it had to take a back seat when we released our Psyche Album.”

Dec added: “It’s not commonly known, but Bitcoin creator Satoshi Nakamoto was actually a boom operator on Byker Grove back in the day! Ant and I often discussed Toon Coin during breaks from filming, and 18 years later Bitcoin appears... coincidence?”

Ant & Dec confirmed that the news was indeed an April Fools joke, although we’re not too sure how gullible their fans were.

Rory Stewart’s surprising new job

Former Tory MP Rory Stewart made an announcement of a new job to his Twitter followers.

The politician tweeted: “It is an honour to have been asked by the PM to serve as Director of Communications for No10 Downing Street.

“I am looking forward to working with the PM, Ministers and Members of Parliament on the issues that matter most to our country.”

Stewart has remained a staunch critic of Prime Minister Boris Johnson and even quit the party when Mr Johnson became leader.

However, given recent government antics, this is one April Fools joke which seems completely plausible.

Even the BBC were fooled, after they reported on the news live on TV.

GMB’s Magic Mike moment

Viewers of Good Morning Britain were maybe a bit bleary-eyed this morning when this one tricked them.

During a segment of the show, presenter Vic Hope began discussing The Lost City, the newest film from Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum.

Talk quickly moved onto Tatum’s career-defining role in Magic Mike.

Once this began to be discussed, lights in the studio started flashing with the promise of a special guest.

However, viewers and co-presenter Kate Garraway were left red-faced after their excitement at a possible Channing Tatum sighting was wiped.

Gareth Bale’s commemorative bridge

He is one of Wales’ biggest ever sporting stars and it was only time that he was commemorated in the correct way.

Bale had the choice between England and Wales due to his grandmother being English, however he has made it clear that he never considered playing for the Three Lions.

Gareth Bale was due to be commemorated with a bridge named after him, according to Wales Online.

The footballer’s name was set to replace the Prince of Wales moniker on the Severn Crossing.

As an icon of world football and a hero in his home country, this one may have tricked a few and some might have even been disappointed that it wasn’t true.

For now, Bale will just have to continue to profess his love of Wales and Golf ahead of Madrid.

Molly-Mae’s newest gig

Molly Mae (Photo by Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images)

Molly ‘24 hours in a day’ Mae is one of the biggest influencers in the country and has a staggering empire building.

The 22-year-old has her own fake tan company as well as serving as creative director of fashion company Pretty Little Thing.

This was one of the more convincing April Fools this year, with the popularity of Molly Mae and her building business empire.

However, Lord Alan Sugar does indeed still have his chair in the boardroom and will be returning for the next series, with Molly Mae not involved.