Dog drone rescue: watch as Millie is rescued from mudflats by following a sausage dangling from a drone

The rescuers said: “We had 6 oz to play with, so we attached a 2 oz sausage to the drone.”

A dog has been rescued from mudflats after a team of rescuers came up with a brilliant idea: attach a sausage to a drone.

Millie the jack russell-whippet got stranded on mudflats off the Hampshire coast and was in danger of being swept away by rising tides.

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The Denmead Drone Search & Rescue team couldn’t reach her by kayak so decided to see if they could tempt her to higher ground.

Photo: Denmead Drone Search & Rescue

The rescuers came up with an ingenious idea: attaching a sausage to a drone in the hope the scent would lure her to safety.

It worked perfectly as Millie followed the sausage to higher ground and has now been reunited with her owner.

Millie follows the dangling sausage (Photo: Denmead Drone Search & Rescue)

In a post on their Facebook page, the heroic rescuers wrote: “Millie has been to the vets, and is completely fine. Lots of TLC, and rest only thing prescribed.”

Describing the rescue, they added: “After employing the expertise of some locals, we were told if Millie wasn't moved with in a few hours she would have been cut off, and the area she was in underwater, with drowning highly likely.

“We had to think fast, one of our fully qualified drone pilots, suggested attaching food to the drone, to try and lure her out of the danger area.

“After checking CAA regulations, and the MTOW of the drone we had 6 oz to play with, so we attached a 2 oz sausage to the drone.

“We did a risk assessment on the area, and then flew the drone out to her.

“We didn't think it would work, but it did. We managed to lure Millie 300m over into a safety zone. Luckily she stayed in that area so we had prevented her from possibly drowning.”

Millie is now safe and well after following the sausage to safety (Photo: Denmead Drone Search & Rescue)

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