Officers keep up insurance crackdown

POLICE have drawn up a list of “hot spots” for uninsured drivers in the Lothians as they continue a weekend clampdown on motorists flouting the law.

The campaign, which is co-ordinated by the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland (Acpos), got under way yesterday and runs until 7am on Monday.

Officers will target the hot spots identified by data analysis which shows where a high proportion of uninsured drivers are believed to live.

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Superintendent Alan Duncan, the force’s head of road policing, said: “Uninsured drivers force up premiums, which hits other law-abiding motorists directly in their pockets.

“Added to that general disrespect for other road users is the fact that uninsured drivers are often linked to other offences, and in general have a greater disregard for road legislation.

“Over the weekend, we will be conducting marked and unmarked patrols across the force area, using the latest technology to detect offenders. While we are carrying out a high-profile campaign this weekend, officers will routinely check if vehicles are insured as part of their everyday duties.”